Celtics use Tom Brady as their X-factor to try and lure free agent Kevin Durant to Boston

Matt Stone/Boston Herald

Yesterday was a huge day for the Boston Celtics, and Tom Brady was a part of it. The 17-time world champions signed free agent center/power forward Al Horford to a four-year, $113 million max contract, which automatically became the biggest free agent signing in team history.

But there is an even bigger fish in Kevin Durant that the Celtics are going after to try and improve the team, and Boston had Brady present and active at its meeting with Durant yesterday. Sources say that Brady "did a very good job."

If you're a Boston sports fan, how can you not love the idea behind this? The Celtics bringing Brady to that meeting shows how unified the city's sports teams are, how special it is to be a professional athlete there and additionally, Brady is Durant's favorite athlete, so that can't hurt either.

Whether or not this works remains to be seen. But whomever came up with this idea (I assume it was Danny Ainge) is a genius.

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