Gronk and Edelman steal the show at Fenway

...because of course they do.

Seriously, is there anything these guys can't do? The Boston Red Sox are slowly but surely fighting their way back into first place in the American League East and some of the best Patriot players wanted to partake in the festivities at Fenway. The division-leading San Francisco Giants are in town and Gronk and Edelman were both invited to participate in some pre-game action. 

The Summer of Gronk continued last night, as he donned a No. 87 Red Sox jersey and threw out the ceremonial first pitch to another beloved Boston sports fixture, David Ortiz. As you can imagine, he was anything but serious about it, sticking his tongue out and laughing with Big Papi the entire time. Oddly enough, he pitched a strike that was right down the middle, making Fenway erupt with cheering and hollering. He shared an embrace with his Dunkin Donuts commercial pal, and waved to the crowd. If there's anyone in the entire city of Boston, besides Tom Brady, Gronk would be the one person I would want to see throwing out that first pitch, and I'm so glad he was anything but normal out there. 

Julian Edelman, however, took another approach to his time at Fenway. Instead of being apart of a pre-game ceremony, he took to the field before tonight's matchup with the Giants. He fielded grounders at shortstop and caught some fly balls as well, but the most impressive part about his short time at Fenway was his batting practice. You wouldn't think that someone who spends all of their time playing football would know their way around a baseball bat, but Edelman proves all of us wrong. In the few swings that he got, he launched a few into the outfield and one that sailed over the Green Monster in left. How a person can be that athletic I'll never know, but I'm glad he's playing for the good guys over at Gillette. 

All in all, this was a great sight to witness. Gronk and Edelman are still showing that they know how to have a good time and even with all the drama surrounding the Pats right now, they still go out and support their city, and that's an amazing thing to see. I think we're in for a memorable season if the show they displayed at Fenway is anything like the show they'll put on come football season. 

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