Focusing beyond Week 1-4 Could Botch-up Everything, Says Jimmy Garoppolo, the New England Patriots QB

When it comes to forecasting on the many long-term outcomes of the Patriot’s interim QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, the most predictable one is that Garoppolo’s performance will stand out to gain support and scrutiny from various teams. As the NFL free picks focuses on him this offseason, the Pats traded him in return for something, and he will start the 2017 season as a QB for a different NFL franchise.

Nearly more than 30% of clubs in the NFL are desperately seeking a competitive QB, and several general managers are ready to spend heavily for one, even if their skills and experience are limited to four games. The Eagles climbed six spots after dealing two first-round picks, and a second, third and fourth-round pick for the former Division I-AA player, Carson Wentz. Nine years ago, the Texans picked up backup Matt Schaub after dealing two second-round picks after losing the first round to the Falcons. At the time, Schaub had only started twice for Atlanta in three seasons.

The Pats might receive an impressive return if Garoppolo plays well. As soon as he gets into free agency in 2018, his next contract will read big salary numbers. As a case in point, after starting seven games, Brock Osweiler signed a $72m contract. In those games, he completed 62% of his passes, along with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 10:6. This is an incredible feat for any player in the NFL, which equates his salary perks.

On Monday, Garoppolo expressed his sentiments to WEEI saying he cannot control the happenings around him now because he still has a long way to go. With only less than 21 days of preseason remaining, he believes that the regular season will get things moving faster than now. He added that if he might mess up his regular season if he focusses on worrying about the events after Weeks 1-4. Instead, he maintains that he will focus on the present to make his future brighter.

In the approximately 10-minute first ever interview with WEEI on Monday morning, Garoppolo mentioned various issues to clear the air. He boldly answered the question touching on if he was a game or not, that it, if he struggles during practice, but plays tremendously well during crucial times of the game. He explained that every time he gets to the field, he always focuses on performing at his level best irrespective of the nature of the game. He has to look sharp and play smart. However, he recommends that making stupid mistakes in practice is easy to swallow that in a game.

According to Garoppolo, practice allows players to correct their mistakes, testing the defense, and pinpointing the most skilled player in the offense. During a game, many things come to play, including pressure and he always strives to be at his best at such moments. Furthermore, Garoppolo noted that he takes after Tom Brady’s off the field politeness and his principle of smiling for the media at all times. He humorously said that he still takes all-natural ice cream because it is one of his long-term weaknesses.