Robbie Gould enjoys being back in New England

In 2005, many Patriots fans only took notice to the starting kicker Adam Vinatieri during training camp. But the young kicker behind him is still appreciative of the fans and organization. Robbie Gould was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Patriots in 2005.
Gould was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Patriots in 2005. The Patriots released him four months later and he was picked up the Baltimore Ravens. He spent a few weeks on the Ravens practice squad before being cut by them. He was working for a construction company when he got a call from the Bears in October. Since that call, Gould has become the Bears all time leading scorer.

Although Gould was only with the Patriots for four months, he feels as though he was with the team for four years. When walking to the Bears and Patriots joint practices, Gould was caught off guard by New England's quarterback yelling to him "There's another New England guy!"

Gould had nothing but praise for the Patriots. Including this quote from ESPN:
"Every time we come to play the Patriots, whether it's home or away, Bill always goes out of his way to come say hello. That means a lot to me. Mr. Kraft, on the sideline, he grabbed me when I was watching practice to say 'We're really happy for you; it's awesome to see you doing so well.' Those are things that kind of give me chills just thinking about because here's this puny little rookie, sitting behind Adam Vinatieri just trying to learn and figure out where the next stop was going to be, and these guys are taking time out of their busy day to remember it and come up and say hello," Gould said.

Gould credits his success to his roots in New England. He says then special teams coach changed his technique and taught him many tricks including not to look at the snap and taking two steps before a kick rather than three.

Belichick, who drafted Stephen Gostkowski, went on to say that things with Gould would have worked out differently. The next offseason Adam Vinatieri shockingly signed with the Colts, leaving the Patriots regretting letting Gould go.

But things haven't worked out so badly for the Patriots. That year they drafted Stephen Gostkowski in the fourth round and is arguably the best kicker in the league.

Gould says that New England has made him a fan. He says he cheers for them when he gets a chance to watch games. So, it is true, you never forget where you started out.