Belichick playing smart with late timeouts

We all know the frosty relationship Bill Belichick has with the media at the best of times. Although when a subject interests him, he goes into detail and I mean lots of detail. On Tuesday, the veteran coach reeled off a response that could fill a whole article on its own.

Belichick didn't allow CSNNE's Tom E.Curran to get a word in edgeways when he interviewed the Patriots head coach. Curran asked how does Belichick decide when to use his timeouts?
Bill Belichick: Well, yeah Tom, it’s a really good question and a very hard one to answer. There are so many factors in football that it’s really hard to find two situations that are the same. Even in some situations that are similar there’s usually something in there, the conditions on the field, or the game, or the wind, or something else that adds another variable in there besides just point-differential and time and timeouts.

To see full response by Belichick click here.

If Coach Belichick puts this much detail into an answer to a journalist, you wonder why the Patriots win so much. It's the hard work and understanding of every aspect of the game.

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