#FakeBrady visits Patriots tailgate, haunts nightmares everywhere

screenshot via @BleacherReport

The real Tom Brady may be out of commission for the New England Patriots, but an imposter has stepped into the mix -- and the end result is terrifying, to say the least.

As part of a Bleacher Report promotional segment, a fan dressed in an all-too-realistic Brady mask made his rounds at a Patriots tailgate at University of Phoenix Stadium before Sunday Night's game against the Arizona Cardinals. Dressed in a No. 12 "VACAYTRIOTS" t-shirt, #FakeBrady held court with fans before the game, while also posing for pictures and tossing the pigskin around.

I just assume that #FakeBrady appears outside of Roger Goodell's bedroom window every night, eerily lurking there.

Bleacher Report social media manager Dan Worthington also appeared on NBC's 'Today' on Wednesday to discuss the viral sensation, and gave a pretty interesting interview. "#FakeBrady" also makes for an interesting Twitter search.

As creepy as #FakeBrady may seem, it's all in good fun. Just as long as it doesn't lead to any intense showdowns with the real Tom Brady.

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