Patriots history, Jacoby Brissett first black QB to start game

We are in a time when racial tension in our country has the potential to reach unseen levels on a weekly basis. It is refreshing to have a race story that doesn't tip the scales in a negative way.

Jacoby Brissett will be the first African American QB to start a regular season game for the New England Patriots; that is a remarkable sentence to write considering the history of Boston. The Patriots don’t follow the same checkered racial past as their first host city; however, it is still somewhat of a feat that they were only one of two teams (Giants being the other) that are left with this distinction.

The circumstances of Brissett’s opportunity notwithstanding it is easy to see that under Belichick the best players will get an opportunity, regardless of race.

Although this important occurrence should be remembered in due time, tonight Jacoby should just be recognized as the starting QB of the New England Patriots.

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