Ring Envy - What Cardinals fans said - 9/11

Admit it, you didn't think the Patriots were going to win on Sunday night. Well, neither did any Cardinals fan out there. They figured the Cards were gonna jump all over Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots, but they were so wrong. Once they figured out their team wasn't going to walk out with an easy win, they became terrified and began blaming everyone from the coaches to the punter. Seriously, the punter. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first Ring Envy of the 2016-17 season. Enjoy!

Can't wait for game time! I expect a decisive win at home against a Brady and gronk-less patriots team.

Arizona cardinals 1-0 Don't care if it's an ugly win we have to have it.

Butler is even worse than last year.

Welcome to the NFL Brandon Williams

Ugly start our defense looks like they are as soft as butter.

That was embarrassing. The more you care..the more it hurts.

If we lose this game it will be the upset of the regular season.

Rookie CB former RB got beat. it's going to be a long night.

What's going on here?!!!!

New England has a pretty good D.

They still think it is preseason?

Cardinals are a joke in primetime

Dude we are getting killed here!!! I don't like what we're doing here on both ends!!

Dink and dunking the Cards defense apart. That's what they do

I may go to bed.

Cardinals fans are the most bi-polar fans sometimes. Declaring emergency after less then a quarter. Jimmy G could have a perfect QBR rating after this game with 10 Touchdowns and appear better then Tom Brady ever did and fans will still say we should've won this game and that it should have been an "easy win"

We're down 10 pts in the first quarter. This isn't looking good at all

Absolute Pathetic Performance so far!!

They are controlling time of possession with the dink and dunk and misdirection plays. Of course that would be the gameplan.

We can't get anything going!! And God the D looks absolutely lost!!

Arians and company getting out coached right now.

Oh, and while we are all in panic the ship is sinking mode why is Drew Butler still our punter? My guess is there are at least a dozen guys on their couches right now better than he is.

Bruce A. "we are very talented" I'm not seeing it.

Butler is awful.. Offense should be 1000 times better... Defense it almost not there... No focus.. We look completely lost. !! when are they planning on waking up?!

We are getting whooped with out Brady and Gronk.WOWOWOAOWOAOWOWOWOW

I have never seen our secondary this bad! I know New England makes defenses look bad. But boy not like this!! Come on guys.

Great play Jones but quit with the dancing, cost us yards ya dummy..

People that haven't been long time Cardinal fans just don't understand the power this board generates from negativity. Such a stupid penalty. You didn't just win the Super Bowl, jesus. Stop the stupidity.

Man, what is up with Collingsworth? The dude is always so biased against us. The Packers game in the playoffs last year and now everything we do.. it truly is like he's the announcer for the Pats.

Disappointing first half, and BB is very good at making adjustments. We need to step things up on both sides of the ball.

This is sad showing by our D .

This is just sad.

How much are the Cards paying Matthieu? You mean soccer? The sport for 4th graders that foreigners take seriously?

Patriots are underdogs in this one ??

Ouch what really bothers me is the pats have 2 rookies and one guy converted to oline and one with a cast on his hand. And our defense gets no push. This should be easy eats.

I am out of words! I can't express enough how frustrated I am with our defense. They are being out played in every aspect of the game. And we are being out coached big time!!

Out-coached, out-played, out-muscled. We were not ready to play this game.

Okay, I just finished typing my problems about the D. Should I start now with our O?! Seriously guys, what are you doing?! Are they really that better of a team?!

Butler always appears to kicking into a headwind even indoors...

Why are they playing so far off the wr's. Bettcher is getting a failing grade for his game plan.

Where's the whisky ? This is terrible . Better get our act together and fast ! Is anybody gonna show up to play for the Cards ?

Horrible play call you dumb !@# 3rd and 15 and you call prevent, bring the house prevent D doesn't work in the NFL

Josh McDaniels is kicking Bettchers *** ...

Scary to think what Brady and Gronk would be doing against this defense right now. Go Cards!

We need a miracle to win this game......No game plan here its pretty clear .

Why use another timeout ?? BA fail !!

Chandler Catanzaro kick for the WIN !! I don't trust him ..

Yeah I knew it....ROOKIE Snapper !!

ugh, whatever. This team ******* sucks, **** this choke **** team for 15 more weeks

Bad snap !!!!!!!!!!!!! This stinks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CC missed the field goal! Cardinals were on a potential game winning drive, and the Patriots helped them by maxing their timeouts! Instead Patriots hung on to their lead and won 23-21....without Tom Brady and Gronk.

Golly. I didn't realize we have a 12 year old snapping the ball these days

You call this a team ? Really let down by tonight's performance. We got beat by a B/U QB without Gronk .....No D to speak of and an O that cant put the game away . Better get your act together because what I'm seeing would .... off any season ticket holder.

No Tom Brady, No Gronk, No starting tackle, looked like the same team beating a returning 13-3 team. This is why I don't hold Brady to the same esteem as I do other all time great qbs, I simply don't think Tom Brady would be Tom Brady if he was drafted by say the Arizona Cardinals instead of a team coached by Bill Belichick. I know heir are some who say BB was made by Brady, it's clear it was the opposite.

We needed this game against a decimated patriot team. It should've been an easy win. I have zero hope that we go anywhere after this embarrassing showing against Garoppolo ... just sad. We got all this hype for nothing.

We played bad as a team and I hate kickers.

The main thing I noticed is the Patriots played consistently all game long. From the first snap to the last knee every man did his job where we were very, very inconsistent. Bad routes, poor reads, miscues and untimely penalties mixed in with some brilliant play killed us against a very well coached team that knuckled down from the very first play on. I hate that about our team that we can't seem to put an entire game together week in and week out. We seem plagued by slow starts, random miscues and just flat out boneheaded mistakes.

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