Skip Bayless thinks the Pats can go 16-0, but with one exception

On Skip Bayless' new show on FS1, "Undisputed" he had some extraordinary praise for the 2016 New England Patriots, as he usually does. This time, he took it to a whole new level, proclaiming that the Patriots will end this regular season with an undefeated record of 16-0.


I am in the minority in that I really do like Skip Bayless, especially when he shows more faith and confidence in New England as anyone on TV, but even I think he is just a little far fetched on this one. The Patriots most notable opponents include Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Denver, to name a few, and winning all 16 games in this league is something almost unheard of (aside from our boys back in '07).
Bayless did add that if there was one opponent who were to defeat the Patriots, he believes it would be the Denver Broncos, something the two of us agree on.

The Broncos derailed New England's perfect season last year, edging out a wounded Patriot team in over time of week 12, and went on to beat them once again in the AFC Championship game. While it was Peyton Manning at the helm in January, it was Brock Osweiler who led the Broncos to victory in the two sides first meeting, and if last Thursday was any indication of Belichick's ability to handle Osweiler, I think it's fair to say that he was not the problem in that game.

Traveling to Denver is something that has not faired well for Tom Brady in his career. All time, number twelve is just 2-7 in games played at Mile High, and with a defense headlined by the games premier defensive player Von Miller,  I certianly wouldn't write this one off as a W either.

Regardless, at just 3-0, I refuse to spend too much time talking perfect season,  so we appreciate the support Skip, but let's take it a game at a time.