Winners and Losers: Patriots vs Dolphins

The game this week took every ounce of heart that the Patriots had in them. Leading 24-3 at the half and then finally finishing off the game with a 24-31 victory. So of course the game had a few winners and losers. Some players shined while others were dim. Let's take a look at some of this weeks winners and losers


Martellus Bennett
Marty B made his presence known on the field today, recording 114 yards and catching his first touchdown as a member of the Patriots. Marcellus earned 100 more receiving yards than he did last week in Arizona, making his spot on this list even more obvious. He has taken over the role as 1st Tight End in the loss of Rob Gronkowski, and is managing to make fans just as happy. Although, we can't wait to see what both of them can accomplish when they are finally on the field together...

Jamie Collins
In just two games of the 2016 season, Jamie Collins has pulled in as many interruptions as he did in the 2015 campaign. He picked off Ryan Tannehill and ran it back for another 17 yards until he was finally pulled to the ground. Collins is projected to have an outstanding year this year and is already proving exactly what he can do. Even after taking a hard hit to the neck off of Patrick Chung's knee, he pushed through and was able to finish the game.

LeGarrette Blount
Once starting quarterback, Jimmy Garappolo, went down in the second quarter, LeGarrette Blount took off running. He ran for 123 yards on 29 attempts and one touchdown. LeGarrette took over the role of running back and carried the team on his back to victory. Some are speculating whether LeGarrette is playing football or track as he hurdled over another Dolphins player just like he did in the preseason.

Danny Amendola
Amendola recorded his first multiple touchdown game on Sunday afternoon, as he caught two of Jimmy Garappolo's end zone passes. He was the teams leader in receiving yards with 50 yards in 4 attempts. Although Danny fumbled one of his catches, he did manage to get the team in good field possession on a nice 19 yard punt return.


Stephen Gostkowski
Gostkowski was named the AFC's Special Teams player of the week last week. Although this week he missed a 35 yard field goal to extend the Patriots lead by 10 with only a minute left in the game. As all of our nerves suddenly tensed up as his kick curved right we all sat on the edge of our seats as we watched the clock slowly wind down to 00:00. We all know that Stephen is an exceptional kicker... but today he missed being on the winners list by the amount of distance he missed his last field goal attempt.

Jimmy Garappolo
Jimmy was constructing himself another great game.... until late in the second quarter he went own with what appeared to be a right shoulder injury. Jimmy isn't on the Losers list for his play.. no way would he have made this list had he not gotten injured. Before the shoulder injury that caused all of New England to let out a collective sigh, Jimmy completed 18 of his 27 passes, therefor 234 yards and three touchdowns. And with those stats I rest my case that Jimmy easily would have been a winner if he wouldn't have gotten injured. Hopefully, the injury isn't serious and Jimmy will have another chance to land himself on the winners list on Thursday against the Texans.