Finaaaaaaally! The Great One returns

It is finally over. Deflategate is done and the Patriots can go back to doing what they do best, winning. This time though it's with the return of the most important part of the jigsaw puzzle, Tom Brady.

After a demoralizing loss against an average Buffalo Bills team who are acting as if they won the Super Bowl. Bills fans take things into perspective you beat a Patriots side with a third string quarterback that was injured as well as their biggest playmaker playing hurt. Well done Rex Ryan you did a great job....not. The AFC East though still looks the same with the Pats top and the Jets, Bills and Dolphins falling behind, with the return of Brady imminent it doesn't bode well for them.

The Bills game was the last of Brady's suspension as he returns with his team 3-1. Most Patriots fans would've taken that in the offseason and now with Week 5 effectively being a tune up game for Brady, things are on the up. We all know the Cleveland Browns aren't going to keep up with the Pats offense.

The best thing that has come from Brady's ban being over is the Star Wars-themed promo by ESPN, 'Brady Awakens'. Brady features as Luke Skywalker and Bill Belichick as Ren. See above.

With the return of Tom Brady to the Patriots starting lineup on Sunday, the Pats will get a lot attention this week. Alos with the return of the future Hall of Famer surely it will lead to another march to the AFC East Title.

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