Ring Envy - What Steelers Fans Said - 10/23

Oh man, are Steelers fans a bunch of bi-polar, classless losers. As is generally the case, they expected to lose. Once they got down early, they of course resorted to dishing out all sorts of cheater comments, blaming the refs and wished injury on Tom Brady. But I guess that's what happens when your coach is a dope and you have a back up quarterback taking snaps. Even through all the pessimism, they still think their team is better than New England when fully healthy and basically guaranteed to see them in the AFC Championship Game. Glad they like to think ahead. Enjoy, Pats fans!

I couldn't not watch... as painful as this is gonna be I'm still here lol

Welp, that was unexpected


Guck Foodell

Welp... we're boned

The most seasoned back up in the NFL? Then throws the pick...thanks Phil STFU

two guys open in the flat, and he throws a duck to the end zone.

WOW! Just Wow! Idiot!

Love seeing Brady get hit in the knee

For fantasy purposes, can we just keep Bennett quiet. That's all I ask, I'm resigned to the loss already

Jones wannabe coach just turned into a pumpkin.

Man we need another TO. That INT is still stinging me pretty hard.


What the hell was that play by the Patriots? The RB was stepping at the snap!

Patriots football... you are seeing it here.

This defense sucks so bad. No excuse to get to Brady and have an easy open catch like that

Good lord I hate tom Brady

How we gonna deal with all this Brady love from these announcers today

LOLandry checking his fingernails. What a doofus.

Not surprised. New England is excellent when it comes to ball control and clock management.

Thtee different holds on the TD play but it is the Pats

Patriots think we will play pass so they run and screens. Patriots think we will run so we run. Coaching lost this game.

I'm guessing that conversation with the pictures and Landry on the sidelines went something like this "See that guy plays for the Patriots and you don't want to throw it to him..."

Mettenberger has played more games in the NFL than this useless piece of crap Jones. Just enough to sideline him so we can see someone else. I despise Landry Jones and I despise the management that has stuck with him for so long when he obviously does not have a clue.

I am justified in saying Brady is the most overrated QB of all time. I have never seen a QB be the beneficiary of the execution of the other 10 players on offense like this guy is.

Can we just bag it, and save our guys for next week, this ain't happening today

Folks...The crap the Pats get away with is unreal. You can't beat em when the refa call a different game for em.

NE must be seriously selling out to keep them from giving it to Le'Veon.

Seriously guys. When you play NE you have to execute the things that are totally in your hands. Lining up is one of them.

Will never beat the Pats throwing the ball long especially with a weak ass arm like Jones has. Mettenberger needs to be in this game. At least he has a better arm and has played some meaningful time in real games. Or is Mettenberger even in uniform? Maybe Brown is the backup QB. That is about how stupid Tomlin is.

Nothing would make me happier than old man Harrison knocking Shady Brady out of the game

I'm gonna have to leave for church here in about 40 minutes or so which means when I get back home I'm gonna have to watch this game all by myself. Please don't let it be a miserable experience.... LOL!

brady ran on this team and got a 1st down. You gotta be chitting me

Edelman over the middle....all day long.....but I'm glad our safeties are 30 yards back....

Edelmans a dirty player so I like that play physical!!!

Lol just stop, Brady will do what he wants. Goodell is watching with some lotion

WHY would you challenge that?

WTF is Tomlin challenging that? More great game management.

Wow. New England has 10 first downs. Pittsburgh has 10 total plays.

Bellicheat: "Now their failure is complete"

At half time these announcers will be in pats locker room grabbing Bradys go-nads

Our defense sucks, Landry sucks, the refs are calling different sets of rules, and Belicheat has been caught cheating multiple times... perfect storm for getting killed.

Holy crap LOLandry with the TD!

Well I'll be a son of a......that's one more td than I thought we would score

What do you mean we scored a touchdown? This wasn't meant to happen

Need to get some dirt on Brady's uniform, dont care if it is a penalty or a fine, welcome him to the 'Burgh.

I want Brady on his tush!!!!!

HEY! We finally got a call!!!!

Here we go with Boswell missing damn!!!

We got robbed a TD

Brady is gonna rush for 100. LOL!

We're the only team in the world that could possibly let Brady run for two first downs.

Please, anyone....lay the wood on Brady. Just one time on one of these goofy scrambles.

I want to see him run one of those bootlegs where he turns around just as one of our OLB hits him full speed. Of course, they'll call a flag no matter if it is a good tackle or not.

If he never played another down this season I'd be OK with the flag

nice job edeldick

The main thing I've taken from the first half is: if we have a healthy team, we would totally kick the ass of this Patriots team.

I like the physical play so far...We aint scared of no stinking Cheaters!!!

We better keep our heads on a swivel!!! Because the cheatriots tend to play dirty when their getting bet ala Edelman takes cheap shots after the whistle.

Knock his cheatin ass down!

We're due a big play, love how Bradys whining on the sidelines PRICELESS!! No body gave us a chance!!!!

Gotta admit- blount is a beast.

Why is Blount getting all these big runs!!!!

It's nice that the cheats are allowed to tackle out of bounds

God I HATE the cheatriots

Jeebus... Gronk wiiiiiiide open.

Is that a joke?

That's game folks. See you against Baltimore

We will beat them in the playoffs I'm not worried...

Brady on that drive: wide open edelman, wide open Gronk, wide open Gronk A few handoffs. But GOAT. LOL

Fumble Edelman! Steeler ball!!

That's it.....run it up the middle.........they'll NEVER expect that.......

3rd and 2 and we're passing with a backup QB. The stupidity of this coaching staff never surprises me.

That's right help Brady up you zebra POS

At full strength, we are a better team than New England. Our injury situation is just plain silly.

It was nice of the refs to start playing for the cheats again

Did Tomin's wife cheat on him with someone named Time out? I can't think of any other reason why he hates them so much. Every time we're down and need all the time we can get, it seems we only have 1 TO. It happens every single game.

A win would have been sweet... but we'll see these bums in the AFCC.

The announcers are all amped their golden boy shady Bradys gonna win!!!

Never seen offensive PI called like it is when playing the Cheats

I hate the f*****g Patriots. And now we have to play the POS Ratbirds without Ben as well. Both teams lucky as hell. Ben would have torched that Patriot defense today. Their D backs were behind our guys all day but Landry rarely had the gun to get it to them.

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