New Foot Locker ad shows Tom Brady mocking Deflategate

Photo via Google
If you follow Tom Brady on Facebook, you know he's got a pretty good sense of humor. And you've really gotta have thick skin to be poking fun at a scandal that made more than half the country think you're a cheater.

That's what Brady is doing in this new Foot Locker ad, after he overhears two people talking about the longevity of the company's success and wondered how they were doing it. 

Since Deflategate has been dead for a while, it's nice to see Brady be able to poke fun at himself for it despite the arduous legal process he went through, the bashing he took from fans and media members and so on. Even though it's widely known Brady doesn't let outside noise distract him, this pretty much seals the deal that he's not a human being.

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