Ring Envy - What 49ers Fans Said - 11/20

49ers fans haven't had it easy the last couple of years. Going from Jim Tomsula to Chip Kelly really hasn't produced a lot of wins, they've got a Squidward look-alike at quarterback who started a ridiculous trend and have a team that doesn't even have five good players. But at least they have a nice looking stadium for other team's fans to invade! The 9ers fans knew this one was over before it started. Even when the team did something right, they still weren't convinced. Most of them just marveled at how good Tom Brady is...and who could blame them?

We still play football?

Looking forward to a decent match today...patriots can sometimes have the tendency to play down to the opponents level... I don't think it's going to be the ass beating everyone is expecting. Take the niners to cover the spread, and pick the over in this one.

Will be hitting on the waitress all day ... let me know how the game goes

So what quarter does the raping begin?

Brady talking about his love for the 49ers makes me f**king depressed.

Have we gotten a penis prediction yet?

creative way to head to the morgue? take a shot for how many points we lose by.

Yup Kap is sure looking better...

Sounds like this game is being played in Foxboro

Yea...that started as expected

Bad team gonna bad

Patriots forgot to wear their home jersey today.

OMG, the tackling is sad

Sounds like a Pats home game today. Lots of people came out to see their idol. Jed should be happy he filled some seats today. Keep booking that talent Jed and it won't matter your team's record!

Bellore got juked by Brady

only our mlb's could make brady look fast

Our d line playing like brady is a running threat

9ers are going to lose by 34 instead of 35. Yay.

Worst snap I've ever seen

Snap infraction, whatever that means

Should just punt on 2nd down

This is total puke. This team is so crap is unreal.

So ...nice run up the ass game plan

Someone might want to tell Kelly it's raining.

Bellichek probably knows all kelly's plays.

It's so sad and funny, no one is cheering when 9ers makes a great play. It truly is a Patrios home game.

I love how bb can tell his best pass rusher to stay home and play with yourself and still get sacks

Great another Star Wars movie

Look at all that red in the stands... my bad those are empty seats

oh yeah, i forgot about our stellar run D hahahahahaha

Brady could throw for 1000 in this game if he wanted to.

Our defense also sucks ass against screen passes which New England is completely proficient with.

Hahahahahah this team hahahahaha all I can do is laugh

20-3 coming right up

so much for the patriots not being able to generate a pass rush

Kaep's pocket awareness is atrocious.

Brady just pump faked about 5 times and STILL we cant do jack s**t

Dumb ass coaches and dumb ass players

mother f**kers dont even know where the LOS is

Tom Brady's whole family and friends are there, that's prob more then half of the fans in the stadium lol

Looks like Brady isn't even trying to crush us, kind of feels bad destroying his childhood team.

What we look great this drive.

Solid drive after being backed up deep. We are rolling

You people are so bipolar about Kap lol.

Vance man..... I'm so proud of you.

How do we have drives like that then look inept the next drive

That was as good a play as you'll see Brady make suck it haters

Well Gronk isn't here so thats why its not 28-10 right now. But they are being competitive against NE....suprisingly. Now if they only played like this against less competitive teams...we may have had a couple more W's.

What a hell of a drive, we're gonna f**k up our draft spot when we beat the bears

Damn this team just always does something stupid as s**t after a good scoring drive or other play.

omg, the d made a stop!

We have a chance

Would've been nice to play the Patriots at the stick with that thick mud on the field.

Someone keep an eye on those footballs at halftime!!!

Come out of half time getting ready to get smoked lol

3Q. Here's where we throw it away.

Kelly with the jokes. Glad he is having fun staring at 1-9. Man must be fun to make millions even when you suck at you job. I'm in the military so i wouldn't know. At least somebody associated with the team is having fun because the fans sure aren't.

Man I hate Brady

Penalty: giving the Patriots a hard time and upsetting Tom Brady.

15 yard penalty, interfering with Tom Brady Homecoming Tour. Final Warning.

Lol wtf was that?

Bad pass there. Second down play call killed that drive

Brady can't throw in inclement weather with properly inflated balls.

We got Brady over looking like Wussel Wilson

Chanting "Brady"...LOL

Well I thought the niners would have a chance to win this game....my mistake.

Hey guys welcome to the 2nd half

Look at the way Brady stand is in the pocket going his through progressions.

Man the Patriot fans are loud

The Brady chants are audible on the telecast. That really sucks.......

i swear it was 13-10 like a minute ago lol


Lol why is everyone acting like the niners had a chance to win this game..everyone who watches games should know the niners get killed in the 2nd half..it's the patriots..it's Tom Brady..you kno they will figure it out and turn it on..vs a horrible 49ers D..

LOL at Trent Green saying Torrey Smith is one of Kap's weapons he doesn't have today

We were down by 3, I grabbed some subway, we were down by 17. It literally took me 5 minutes.

17 points and a loss, Kap fans will act like we just won the super bowl.

Trash Time TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We scored f***ing points, but too f***ing late.

The whole team has gone Full Retard.

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