Ring Envy - What Jets Fans Said - 11/27

Oh, Jets fans, you tortured souls. They've pretty much given up on everything, but can you blame them? Their coach is inept, they know their team's quarterback problems are as bad as anyone's and basically have no confidence in their team. They can't even fill MetLife Stadium on their own. But none of that stopped them from blaming the refs as the reason the Patriots won this one. Maybe somewhat surprising was their disdain for Darrelle Revis, who is looking pretty old these days.

hope we are competitive and not an embarrassment

Welp, I'm here for this weeks beating.

I hope Fitz gets knocked out of the game, nothing serious just enough so he cannot play.

Went fishing yesterday so the choices were either watch this game or rake leaves. It was a very tough decision.

at least the raiders and panthers are a good match up im hoping pats blow us out so week can see petty the rest of the way

Jet D so far looks energized.

Refs already trying to give this game to the Pats.

Regardless of if the spot was short or not, why the hell are you challenging it? It's the first first down on the first drive of the game.

That is one of the worst spots I have ever seen. Kraft still bribing the refs?

At least the Jets won the challenge

I feel we will do these cheating Pats, it would be typical as we are better off losing. I see Marshall has decided he can play well again

There's the Fitz we know. All the time in the world and throws it into the dirt.

That was our chance to put Brady on IR.

they actually congratulated themselves for the Brady overthrow?

Listen to our fans, don't know if they should boo or cheer, or eat the brains of the person next to them.

Looking at this game, it appears the Jets are in this to win it. yay

BTW this game is young,,once the pats get the lead it will get ugly

LOL. This crew is so in the Pats' pocket tonight...

Refs fixing game for Cheats. Didn't realize they needed the help.

I should bet special sex with my wife on this game.

They threw it. And it didnt end in a pick. I'm buying a lottery ticket.

Marshall TD! Not exactly overwhelming reactions by the fans..

Got to hand it to Bowles he owns BB

For a guy built like a tank, Gronk sure is brittle.

wow we just set a pats record! First time Brady didnt score in the 1st qtr nice!

It would be epic if we blow them out though.Dont recall ever doing that in the Brady era but when do we blow out anyone

I swear Todd Bowles looks like he should have been a extra in Forrest Gump or something. I don't even know what the f*** its' supposed to mean... This team is so stupid I don't even make sense to myself anymore.

Who the f*** is Daryl Roberts?

We are going to win this game.

wow, anderson, doooood

These Rookies cant hold onto the ball

Revis looking old.

Well, water does seem to find its level

What were the chances? Against the Jets? 100%.

gawd, these announcers are vying for firsties on brady's dick

Only Majic Tom fumbles and bumbles but can throw a TD ...sheesh

Definitely can't tell this game is being played in NY, a lot of cheering for the pats from the crowd, embarrassing

All former Jet fans now wearing Patriots jerseys

Revis should bench himself

CBS panning the crowd and all they showed were fans in Pats or Giants attire. Just great.

lol, it looks like the Pats is going to score again in the next 2 minutes.

Let the slaughter begin, this team is such a joke, have all the momentum then turn it over, can't break out of the stupidity, same old Jets

The suck is infectious

Notice the difference? tie game and Belichek takes a shot into the endzone before the half.. The Jets take knees.

so the pats will outscore the jets by 3 or 4 td's in the second half...

The Game Thread pages are getting less and less every weekend...

Does Marshall bitch after every incomplete pass his way?

if you can't outplay them, cripple their weapons...

Of course, you know the count is coming. Everyone in the building knows it's coming. What the f***. Just like the stupid sneak. Every.single.time

First time Mo Wilk 'hustled' upfield all day...

Brady could give someone the finger and they'd find a way to penalize us for it.

I would like to think that it is our defense, but Brady just doesn't look like Brady today.

3rd and short we throwing the ball

He slapped his hands way before. Terrible no call. then offensive PI on the next play.

F these refs. Seriously. This is Super Bowl XL-level bad officiating, and just as one-sided.

Another moron jumps. There's zero accountability on this team.

Just waiting on the crippling Fitz pick.

thats a td!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait thats a TD, his ass hit before the elbow...

they will win this challenge..

If I hear the words "the ruling on the field stands", without seeing a replay angle that shows him out of bounds, I'm turning off the tv.

Hey they got it right. Blind, squirrel, nut. Nice catch.

Down to our 35 in 3 plays?

Nice to see the jets playing prevent... they must feel they have this...

This is a terribly coached team. Dropping 7 back and giving Tom Brady the underneath routes? Have they ever watched him play?

Hard catch there for Mitchell. The way the announcers are talking, you would think it hit him right in the chest.

OMG! They threw on 1st down!

The Patriots are just like Ohio State. Can't win without the refs helping them.

maybe the pats can score fast and we can really get pissed our coaching staffs play calling and use of timeouts in the hurry up ?

Revis burned

Too easy...

Brady has all day.

If one of these aholes jump, someone needs to die.

didn't ya just know that was gonna happen,,

Shit, anyone could have seen that pass coming. Except Bowles, cause he's an idiot.

Here comes the kill shot...

Where do we go to contribute to the Fire Toilet Bowles fund?

Bowles rushing 3 giving Brady all day to pick them apart is baffling.

too easy, just too damn easy. here comes that two point conversion

LMFAO you gotta be f****** kidding me

Of course they get the 2 point conversion.


Oh f*** he didn't get in

Jets have a shot to win this game with a td

This is was one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen...

Ultimately, it won't matter, but I'm shocked they overturned that.

Do we all know this is ending with a pick?

There it is...

There's the Fitzpatrick we all know.

Well that was quick.

Ball security Fitz, Ball security.

Guaranteed choke from that mother******* each time, every time.

I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry...

Soooooo Fitz is the goat on the game ending play in a loss that leaves us matematically eliminated trom the playoffs. While any sane person would start the young guy we all know Fitz ends up starting next week.

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