Sign of the Year candidate: Member Berries

Sunday night's Patriots-Seattle matchup has been hyped ever since the schedule came out. A matchup between two conference powerhouses, in a rematch of their Super Bowl XLIX battle? Even if it didn't singlehandedly boost the NFL's floundering ratings, it would surely be fun to watch.

Several fans at Gillette were quite excited about the matchup, that they decided to make signs invoking a pop culture tidbit:

Yes, in a display of excellence, those are the Member Berries from South Park, referring to the Malcolm Butler interception that ultimately came to define Super Bowl XLIX.

For the uncultured those who may not be familiar, the Member Berries have been a focal plot point in South Park's latest season, as they blurt out nostalgic phrases to remind people of a simpler era. Here they are in action:

The Patriots ultimately lost the game, and naturally, they were stuffed at the goal line in the game's dying seconds. Either way, well done by these fans.

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