Trade Brady! QB says it could happen

All the hype this week has been about the out of blue trade of Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins to the Cleveland Browns. In his 17-year tenure Bill Belichick has pulled of some surprising trades and this one tops the list for me. On Wednesday even Tom Brady admitted that it could happen to him to ESPN's Mike Reiss.
"You can't be around this long and not realize that the world will keep spinning and the sun will come up tomorrow without you. That's just the way it goes," Brady said Wednesday before the team's final practice of its bye week.

"I think you enjoy the experiences that you have, but also understand that it just keeps going on. It could happen to anybody. You just have to show up to work, do the best you can do every day and let your performance just try to speak for itself."

The future Hall of Famer is the longest tenured player in New England and so he has seen plenty of comings and goings. To even think of trading Brady would be ridiculous and surely turn the Patriots faithful against Belichick.

In the midst of all this trade talk, Brady won his 9th AFC Offensive Player of the Month award which was rightly deserved. The star QB led New England to a 4-0 record through October completing 98-of-134 for 1,319 yards with 12 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Not bad for a guy who missed the first 4 weeks of the season through suspension. The GOAT has returned.

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