Ring Envy - What Broncos Fans Said - 12/18

The Patriots exercised a few demons yesterday by going into Denver and beating the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos, who aren't looking like much of a Super Bowl champion these days. Naturally, the Broncos fans were fired up to see the rival Patriots again on their home turf where they've dominated. But the tables turned pretty quickly, and the fans were not pleased. They really hate their team's offense in general, and they had a lot of bad things to say about it. Surprisingly there were almost no cheating comments, which is always strange for an opposing fan base not to bring up. Anyway, enjoy this week's Ring Envy!

'Tis the season for Mile High magic...GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm modding tomorrow so that I don't have to talk to my daughter, the Pats fan.

It goes without saying but this is as much of a must win as we have had all season. I'm going to cry if we come out flat.

Anyone else not really excited for today? We just lost our wildcard spot to the dolphins and our team has too many weak points. Now we are playing the #1 seed who grant it, hasn't looked too impressive but they are still good.

I want to watch every announcer pick the Patriots to give me that needed confidence that the Broncos got this! The patsies are beatable at Mile High. Let's win this must win....

We can win this. Simian and forsett have good day and we got this. Offense needs to put up 10-14 in first half. Be the first to score.

It's time to break up this pathetic Patty* party.

Pound Brady's pansy ass into the ground. Hit him all day, HARD. Send this sorry excuse for a franchise back to NE wondering what the hell happened. Cry baby QB, Mumbling no respect for football head coach, can't write what I wanna say about McDaniels, whiny fair weather fans. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to see crybaby throwing his helmet on the sideline.

Well that sucked to start! Norwood yet again!

Freaking Norwood. Why oh why is this guy on the field?

NORWOOD... this is why I have no faith in our current coaching staff.

I don't think people understand the severity of this situation... Raymond actually looked good for us the past few weeks, he actually produced for us... But yet we go out there and put this this...Horrible player back in. Norwood cannot do anything for this team....

Talib better poke Norwood in the eye

I hope Jordan's got something lined up career-wise. This might be it.

Throw......to......the .........marker........please......

I guess the fact that we didn't get a 3 and out on our first series is kind of an improvement from the past couple games.

Every time Jordan Norwood walks out on the field, a baby seal dies.

I so tired of three and out yuck

Well at least Brady and company are starting out slow and defense looks ready now the offense needs to take advantage

Broncos defense in Brady's head and Wrs for PATS having trouble with cold.

Darn, wish we scored a TD.

well we get our FG too. could be worse.

Wow this place is running slow. Patriots hacked us

i thought it was my internet, glad to know it isn't......and here comes the Pats run game. Sigh

looks like Brady isn't going to be throwing bombs tonight

Can't stand Phil Simms

They're converting these short yardage situations. Who are we watching?

this team has seemingly gotten its offensive woes together. Don't try and trick me Broncos offense...

Derby looks like a REALLY good pick-up, and he is only 25

Please score a TD please. Throw to Taylor or Sanders. Let's go!

Man this offense is looking good. What changed?

Oh crap, not that.

Spoke too soon. Ugh.

That throw just wasn't there

Bah, looked him the entire time.

The ref got laid out

And that is the horrendous Siemian making an appearance

Terrible play. Never should of thrown it and if you are going to then put it outside. That was a gimme pick.

Pats are always so lucky. They always recover their own fumbles.

Brady is gonna make us pay now.

Will someone cover Edelman please.

STOP putting a LB on Edelman. Holy god

Brady should send Trevor some flowers or something for that TD.

I'm so angry. We could've taken control of this game and turned the ball over in the red zone.

Gifted 10 points to the Pats. So mad.

Brady will only get better as the game goes. If we can't fix the stupid, it will get ugly eventually.

Ok.....respond......please....get something.

Its annoying that we have been the better team by far and are losing because of a stupid pick that never should have been thrown

This is one of the weakest Pat teams I have seen under Brady. The trouble is the cakewalk schedule and division that will give them home field.

Can Edelman do anything without running his mouth after?

Get Garcia out of the game.. The guy can't pass protect to save his life.. But this is the same coaching staff that thinks Norwood catching punts is a good thing...

We move the ball than stagger the game is winnable we just have to get out of our own way

WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY: Inconsistency (in - con - sist - ens - ee) - see Denver Broncos offense and special teams. Insanity (in - san - i - tee) - doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Failure (fail - ur) - see Denver Broncos offensive and special teams coaching. Frustrating (frust - rat - ing) - Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays

Brady is the master of dink and dunk, especially on 3rd and short. It infuriates me.

I hate when they run those plays. Pick routes

I feel like the Pats aren't really doing anything and they're winning. Infuriating.

oh look, Pats remembered they don't have to pass to get a 1st down. Great tackling, defense

I smell a loss, we are not a smart team.

had them pinned deep n now just abut fg range w/ another 1st

We have 3 TO. Why are we not calling any?

3 time outs and we going to kneel. Thanks Kubes.

Best play Norwood has made yet this season. Running away from a punt.

What a waste of 40 seconds, beyond stupid.

Not even gonna try for a field goal....

Those remaining timeouts are going to be crucial in the second half!!!!

Gary Fox... Johnn Kubiak... all the same bowl of cold chicken noodle soup.

Kubiak won the super bowl like Jon Gruden did. Come to a team set up, win it their first year and are considered geniuses but once you pull the rug up there is crap there.

Stephenson just got run over. SMH

Well off to a fantastic start...

catch the dang ball oooooooooo

Derby. Sigh.

Catch the ball before you turn up field!

This is why the Patriots stay on top. They bench players for doing stupid crap like we do every week

This game so far has been the very definition of beating yourselves.

Wolfe is out with a neck injury. This game just keeps getting better.

Held and still got him, great play Ray!


Okung another holding.....

Continue just shooting ourselves in the foot

And this is why we suck. Okung with his drive killing holds

All that time to throw and no one is 18 yards down field?

Might as well lose out to get a better draft pick

Wow Edelman is a cry baby. He sounds like an old women with all that whinging.

You can feel the season slipping away.

we got lucky last season ill take it though

Won't use a timeout to run the offense but now we use one.....

Why does the Broncos offense even bother taking the field? Worst offense in the NFL and the definition of an eye sore...disgusted beyond words.

they call holding on us on both sides and two of their guys holding on that play... smh

Where was the holding on NE* on the line?

Why is Edelman open?

They convert every 3rd down by the skin of their teeth

Season down the toilet. Can't believe this team has become this sorry - we aren't even going to get a chance to DEFEND our title.

Ha. Simms is asked what Denver has to do in order to get their offense going, and all he talks about is New England. Even got the obligatory Brady mention in there.

"Yea there is contact but it doesn't matter." I hate Simms so much.

Patriots are about to convert a 1&15 like it's just another drive.

This would be a blowout if the Patriots didn't drop all these properly inflated balls

AHAHAHA this play calling..

19 yards for the entire 2nd half????

Definitely a hard, painful hit, but no excuse to drop that pass when you already have it pulled into your body. Drive/game/possible season ender with that drop.

2nd game-changing drop by DT.

Thanks for the effort dt

I dont care if that was a hard hit. It was in DT's hands and he pulled it in. He failed to secure the ball well enough.

3 points. We scored three points. The Browns have a better offense

We aren't making the playoff. I'd bench Ward next week for that.

Its good to see Ward being a complete idiot as usual... enjoy flexing your muscles when you just end the game for the team.

TJ is a real idiot for that.

Edelman's like that drunk guy at the bar in the MMA shirt.

Now that is the perfect way to finish the game couldn't have ended any better

Hahahahahaha. What a PERFECT ending to the game.

NORWOOD please pack your bags and do one.

Where's Tebow when you need him?

I could just hear the presser,

Reporter: Coach Kubiak, do you plan to cut Norwood for his inability to hold onto the football?
Kubes: yeahhh umm.. Trevor has to make some quicker reads and we have to run the ball better.
Reporter: Sir, the question about Norwood and his multiple fumbles.
Kubes: Yeah umm, we just play harder and execute.
Reporter: What about Norwood?!
Kubes: umm, yeah, the I can't really say I would have to watch the film, but the oline has to do a better job.
Reporter: Nevermind sir...

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