Ring Envy - What Jets Fans Said - 12/24

Santa Claus REALLY wasn't kind to the Jets on Christmas Eve. After losing a tight game to the Pats a few weeks back, the Jets somehow turned into a bigger dumpster fire than they already were. Bryce Petty was starting a quarterback and wasn't impressive, Sheldon Richardson was being...well...Sheldon Richardson, and no one on the team really seemed to care. Put that all together and what did the Patriots give them for Christmas? A good old-fashioned beat down. 

Can we play the spoiler role? Doubtful. Two more games until this nightmare of a season is over....

Fuck the draft and fuck the Pats. Go Jets!

how am i so lucky to have the Jets on tv 4 weeks in a row lol

3rd and long after 2 runs. What a surprise

run run pass punt

"i think i broke his f'n neck"

Forget about any holding calls against the Pats today.

Looks like the gameplan from the 2010 playoff win. Drop everyone in coverage and see if someone gets home. Doesn't help that Mo has checked out.

Run, run, 3rd & long, let your inexperienced QB run for his life game plan again today?

It's going to be a long game for us again.

Anderson needs to fucking bulk up or get off the team. I'm sick of this

2 sacks already, an INT, gonna be a long game.

A Br*dy injury would make a great Christmas gift

Petty looks lost. How many times have we seen him cock his arm to throw and then pull the ball down? How much time does he think this line is going to give him?

Empty backfield and NE's TE gets a free release to set a pick for a 1st down - hurrible

Not sure who I hate more, Brady or Kraft

This team really knows how to make me feel special during the holidays!

Defense might play 45 minutes today

Petty sucks.

Im turning on the 2011 AFC Divisional Playoff game, whos with me

Jets pass-rush technique.

1: Find offensive lineman.

2: Run straight into him.

Sometimes the alcohol just isn't enough.

Great, my wife dumped me at the bar while she goes shopping. Christmas Eve ruined. Gotta deal with this crap in public.

I swear, enough of that fucking warm & fuzzy Cat Stevens hipster Jeep commercial already..

This is a clown show for real lmao

This is very depressing. I'd rather watch a never ending commercials for malnourished African children than subject myself to any more of this. But I hate myself, so I will still watch.

Please recommend another NFL team to follow and cheer for. Thanks.

I swear, Fitz is like some STI you just can't be rid of.

Fitzpatrick is the fucking plague

Lol this team... God what are we doing?? Now we're congratulating Burris when 9/10 that's flagged for interference

I can't ever remember being this disinterested in a Jet game before. I want to have something to cheer for but it's like watching a train wreck in real time.

Anyone remember the last time we started at the 25 !?!?!

NE shouldn't have knocked Petty out of the game. Fitz is actually a tougher matchup for them and will probably put a few points on the board.

I don't give a shit if they're protecting him, I wanna see the State Penn kid next week. I have had it.

"Hackenberger" that just made my day HA

lol fg no good

Lol this team....

Kick that field goal, boys!! Why bother going for it?????

NFL kicker, 34 yarder.

When its 41-7 we will still be missing field goals

Rontez has caught the "Kyle Wilson celebration" bug when you celebrate like you made a play but in reality you didn't do anything.

Hahahahaha hahaha Merry Christmas from Ryan the Turnover DickPatrick

it must take a special talent to under throw so consistently

I bet todd wishes he stayed in the hospital

Now a priest and Muslim cleric commercial??? You gotta be shitting me. As if the game is bad enough we get these gay ass commercials

Yeah, why would anyone want to cover Edelman? It's not like he's an important part of their offense or anything.

The weather is 70ยบ and sunny......... I can't believe I'm watching this garbage and not fishing.

I hope woody johnson has a really shitty Christmas

Matt Lengle MVP candidate

It will be a great day when Tom and Bill are no longer on this field. That's the only thing keeping me going. I don't think I can handle another 5 or 6 years of this, though.

My wife just got up came over and gave me a hug. I can't imagine how traumatized I must look to make her do that

Bowles has no dick. None.

Let them run it up. Maybe Bowles will get fired.

No Jets chant from me today, they don't deserve it. Merry Christmas and a happy whatever. Bah humbug

I'm actually at work today. Sad that I enjoy being at the office more than watching the Jets play.

I'm on mobile and can't get a stream to work. Shall I just continue masturbating?

I'm rooting for New England to put up 50

I think Revis hurt himself falling on his wallet.

YES!!!!!!!! I LOVE CBS!!!!!!! They switched the game so I dont have to watch anymore. HAPPY FUCKIN HANNUKAH!

Ref: "false start, EVERYONE except the center..." The Cleveland Jets.

What a loser a field goal?

4th and goal down 41-0 and you kick a field goal? Is there anyone who doesn't think Bowles has completely given up?

I really wanted Folk to miss that.

A field goal? We can't fire these dumb bastards soon enough.

Belichick still throwing 38 points up with less than 5 minutes on the clock. LOL. He might as well have Bowles lick his ass at midfield after time expires.

what a performance - what a team....

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