Ring Envy - What Rams Fans Said - 12/4

So this is probably the shortest Ring Envy I've ever done, and it's kinda anti-climactic. Rams fans mostly spent Sunday arguing over whether or not Jared Goff is/will be any good, complaining about their wide receivers and Jeff Fisher's extension. In their defense, Fisher's extension is pretty baffling, so I'll give them that. They really didn't make much mention of the Pats at all. Even so, their complaints make for good comedy. The best parts are when they make fun of Fisher for not being able to find his challenge flag.

Expect Rams to get gashed by the Pats running game. Boring BORE-ass needs to throw on first down

Rams were embarrassed in New Orleans so wouldn't be surprised if they play well and pull an upset today. Teams with nothing to lose are dangerous.

I think the Rams will make the Pats work for it today. I think they have a 30% chance of winning today. Particularly if Goff plays well.

Getting gashed on the ground already

I don't know if I can sit through this again today

Belicheater figured out Rams suck against the run....

Wonderful. That didn't take long. Defense certainly motivated to redeem themselves from last week lol.

Alexander should go back to sweeping stadium floors

Lol, well it looks like the Defense isn't going to show up.

No one can make a damn tackle!

Tavon should study Edelman---see a real receiver

So much for the Mark Barron experiment. Too bad Rams Rams are stuck with him and his overpaid ass.

F*** this game already, watching Red Zone. Krapperdick looks so stupid with that fro sticking from his helmet. I hope the Bears slaughter them.

3rd and 8 so throw a 5 yard pass....4th down

Pats can do whatever they want

Kendricks LOL. Can you catch anything?

When they announced that Fisher was extended, Bradshaw gave us the definition of insanity and also mentioned bringing in Norv Turner for OC

Wow. This defense is clueless. Same slapstick comedy, week after week.

this team is so ok with losing..has been for years. yeah we hear talk in the beginning how this team is different, but before you know it they are all smiles yukking it up on the sideline while down by several tds.

Team is obviously inspired to perform by news of Fisher's extension.

Golly willickers, only SIX good draft picks given up for Mr. Franchise QB and hes tossing floaters? Oooopppssss.

Two minutes to the half, NE has the ball and a 14-0 lead, and the Rams have 16 plays for 26 yards...17 fewer than Blount (no speedster) has on ONE CARRY. Mr. Franchise QB is 4/11 for 27, no TDs and a pick. For a 7...FRKN SEVEN!!!...QB rating. Oh, and with the 12 yard sack a NET 15 yards passing. 26 yards in the half. A record?? Brady, the FIFTH ROUND PICK, is 108 passer rating.

Bradshaw just capping on Fisher's ass. TD Blount " there is your extension right there". LMAO!

Drop drop drop drop drop

3rd and 15....don't even try for the first down

OMG Fisher cant find the red flag to challenge the pass to Quick. I think he used it to wipe his ASS.

"Duhhhh, I just blew my nose in it.....where'd I put that thing....."

Our O line must be the worst in all of football.....again

This game a great example of why we'll never reach playoffs under Fish.

We sure as heck don't have receivers who can hang on to the ball - this is a joke.

As big of a mismatched NFL game that I've seen in a long time. Even Cleveland would have been more competitive today.

On a lighter note - Kraepernick benched after 4 net passing yards thru 3 qtrs.

Two minutes in the game, Rams have the ball and only need FOUR YARDS to reach 100...can they do it!!!

WOO HOO, a 66 yarder to Britt, you bet they can!!!

The Pats' receivers OTOH almost always pulled it in and seemed aware of where the 1st down marker was.

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