Ring Envy - What Ravens Fans Said - 12/12

What a difference a week makes. Last week's Ring Envy was short and anticlimactic, but this one is easily the longest and best post I've done. Ravens fans are up there with Bills, Jets and Steelers fans as some of the dumbest fans in the league. For a team that hadn't beaten anyone over .500, they somehow weren't scared of the Patriots and thought they'd win easily. Their attitude quickly changed when the Pats went up big early, and they basically gave up when Jimmy Smith got injured. They didn't know it was legal to jump the center and block a field goal and they looked to the refs every time a call didn't go their way. Enjoy this week's Ring Envy! 

I like our chances in this game and I'm not sweating NE at all. They are down two of their best playmakers in Gronk & Amendola. Bennett is playing injured and hasn't done much of late with 6 completions for 40 yards over the last 3 games. So they are left with Edelman, Hogan and the rook Mitchell to carry the load and I feel we can run with them. Plus, who has NE faced this year? They always dominate their own division. Outside their division with the Jets, Bills and Dolphins, they have faced the Cards, Texans, 49rs, Rams, Browns, Cincy, a Roethlisberger-less Steelers and the Seahawks who they lost to in NE. That schedule is gravy, for the most part. As long as we don't beat ourselves with missed blocks, dropped passes, blown coverages and stupid penalties, I see no reason we don't bring home a win.

Penalties are always a factor for the Ravens this year, but against the Pats... well, we all know the story .

Besides steelers games it's been awhile Ravens have played a game of this hype and magnitude

Can't say the writing isn't on the wall anymore. The time is now to show up, play our hearts out and take it to them all game long with mistake free execution and championship play like there's no tomorrow. We can do this! Just go out and flame their arses.

If we lose this game, can't really have any excuses. This is the healthiest we've been in some time, our defense is number one in the league, and our offense is coming off their biggest output this season. Time to show that we belong!

Me too! I'm so pumped for this game! I can't stand the Patriots, and this game has huge playoff implications! Plus, since it is in primetime, I can watch the entire game without distractions since my young kids will be in bed

We need to take a page out of the Broncos playbook last year, and pressure the hell out of Brady! That game was so enjoyable to watch, lol. I love it when Brady gets rattled and they almost broke him in half in that game.

I suppose I'm not nervous in that I'm not expecting a win tonight. Man I wish the Bills weren't so useless.

I've been watching ESPN for about 20 minutes now. And they have done nothing but talk about the Patriots (a few side segments on the NFL). They haven't even made a mention that they are playing the Ravens since I started watching.

rowe has been confirmed as inactive so he didnt recover enough to play against us - their secondary should be like melted butter as long as we dont get sucked into their game

The media is all things Patriots tonight! It's pathetic! My friend and I call it "Juicing Up" a team! The networks and talking heads are definitely doing that for the Patriots tonight.

I want to see Brady sacked 10 times tonight that all

I miss pollard in these games haaaaa

According to the EA Sports simulation we win 7-6. So, lock it up.

The Ravens will crush it today and send a message to the league!

Patriots would blame Deflategate on Anne Frank if they could. Anyone but themselves.

I hope we carried de-bugging devices and swept that locker room, lol. I don't want to leave anything to chance!

How much are you willing to bet that our headsets are gonna go out at some point in the game?

I want to duct tape grudens mouth shut

As a non Baltimorean and a guy who discovered football by himself, I hate the Pats way more than the Steelers and it's not even close.

Let's go defense! Show cry-brady that it's going to be a long night!!!

Get off the field!!!

Nice job D!!!

Well that was a terrible pass, he was open there

Defense started great, offense back to it's old self apparently

Thank god for the Ref call on the field or that would have been a typically Flacco sack fumble.

deduct belicheat a timenout he knew better

Joe looks a little shaky

What a weak punt only 37 yards man !

We tend to start slow in NE, outside of that one playoff game in 2014. Hopefully Offense plays better.

Whinin' Brady

2 straight 3 and OUTS

We be in their head. 2nd and out and forced some bad throws by Tom.

ok i'm done with hester..........keep his inept butt out of there

Hester is killing us.

why are we running it there?

You gotta be kidding me

Hester costs us a Safety


wo designed that play

i thought the idea was to keep the ball away from brady - not give him more chances...

And we start this now

I hope Powers plays well, he's going to get picked on today.

Brady is coming for you young buck!

Of course we leave Bennett wide open, why wouldn't we?!

lol the Brady reactions are great

quit whining Brady. Edleman jumped into the guy!

Jimmy Smith is pissing Brady off! I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

Brady acting like the diva he is. I'm lovin it!

In fairness to Brady for once, he was mad at edelman not the refs.

Go down field Joe. Stop w the dump offs to the RBs.

What the heck is the offense doing?!?!



THATS ILLEGAL You cant do that

The 1st rounder that never did anything in Chicago blocking our field goal.

There goes Tucker's perfect record

God they need to make that a rule

He was offsides.... how is that legal? He jumped way before the snap. If a defender jumps offside before the snap it's called encroachment or offsides. Yet it's somehow legal on Field Goals.

I knew it! I knew there were going to be some sheninignans with Special Teams!!!! I said it earlier this week...Belicheat is still burned over Tucker's FG!

bellycheck is the king of gag plays

And now Brady has started with the dink and dunk crap.

Now the defense is starting to falter. Great. They can't be expected to keep brady down forever.

This is a sorry performance all over the place so far.



its over, smith is out

This isn't fun

Jimmys hurt. There's our season.

Game over!!!!

2nd & 9 and we throw it 2 yards past the line of scrimmage? Seriously?! What do they aim to achieve with that?

We can't play a complete game against a good team ever

Well I'm gonna write this off as a loss .

This is not ugly it's hideous

this is already pathetic.. I can't go through another season where patriots walk through the playoffs

16-0, no jimmy, no chance .

And now we cant even stop the run

Last week was clearly a FLUKE and no "breakout" as most in here claimed it to be! Pitiful showing!!

Well I concede about everything I said about the Pats this week. They are the better team. Surely better coached, execute better, do the little things right.

I gotta say Bill Belichick is a brilliant coach. No doubt, Brady is one of the best.

So that's like a punt lol

Right through Wallaces hands there? awful decision to throw the pass, but Wallace has to catch that

Somebody will have to explain what exactly Mike Wallace was doing on that play.

we are being out coached and out played

didnt matter - they just got all those return yards back anyway

Yeah, this is our first bad game in NE since Flacco arrived. But this team is simply not that good.

Bennet is hobbled and still beating Ravens defenders. SMH!!!

The Jets, Rams, and 49ers played the Patriots better than this.

Hopefully, Flacco can do something with the interception by Brady.

WEDDLE with the pick!!!!

Way to chance the momentum Weddle! That's a playmaker right there!!! Let's go Ravens!!! This game isn't over yet!!! I tell ya.

Finally a positive! Brady smashed and intercepted


why do refs always miss those things when they're done to us? But make phantom calls against us?

No Facemask??? Obvious poke in the eyes. Patriots will win at all costs. Should have been a flag, and an automatic ejection and a suspension for the rest of the season.

Dixon was blatantly facemasked!

This why you have to score early and often when you play great teams away. Playoffs unlikely now. I was so hyped to smh.

Just want to see someone hit Brady hard that's all

Every time it's an incomplete pass, the stupid pats fans boo for a flag. hahaha. idiots

But we'll probably check down. Call a timeout. Check down again, waste 40 seconds and just barely miss FG range.

Can Justin Tucker play QB?

Alright. Baby steps. A TD after half brings it to a one score game.

Finally on the board. Let's go Ravens! Frustrate the heck out of Brady and let's have a big second half.

Tucker..... Probably the best guy on our team

Pats have 290 yards.. #1 defense though right

We have the Pats and their fans exactly were we want them..........happy.

Gonna be painful if we can't get a TD this opening drive

On the 7 yard line. Lmao.

Great 1st down run.......not predictable at all!

At this rate, it will be 32-6 at end of 4th


Were we supposed to draft Cyrus Jones

LOL. We'll still come up with NOTHING

It's ok Joe will blow this too

A break, get Tucker ready for 3

Touchdown, it's about time.

Well it is kind of pathetic we needed the patriots to gift wrap that for us

Maybe that's the break that turns this game around.





I don't know how this is possible

HAHAHA. It's a game.

We've been checking it out all night and they didnt see that coming?

I'm laughing so hard. Because honestly, we don't deserve it. But hey, at least we're scoring of their mistakes. So, I guess we do deserve it. haha

Blount, although an idiot, is a really good back. He has really good vision.

Field position is not on our side tonight. If we can get a long td drive and give our defense rest that'd be great

Was that ball properly pressurized?

Butler out this play, take advantage

Attack his replacement.

Wallace!!! Flacco is finding a rhythm now.

That was literally the longest drive to go a whole 30 yards.

Rookie making rookie mistakes...


I have an idea. Let's get out of our own way.

That defense has to be gassed.


There goes Perriman's one play a game.

Perriman actually tracked the ball. Nice.

You knew they were bringing everyone. Why do we never have a play for that?

OK. D we're gonna need you again

I can feel a Ravens PICK in the air tonight....Oh Lord!!!


Well someone didnt do there job...

Game over

WTH just happened

lol great job defense

I hate our defense so much.

Ball Game. Thanks for nothing guys.

How was that Pat wide WIDE open???

What in the blue hell happened there..

Welp. At least we made it not completely embarrassing.

Elam, you suck....whose the Einstein who put that scrub in

Can't blame a loss on him, when they sucked the ENTIRE 1st half.

Wallace injured now as well.

Fire Marty! Get it trending

The announcers says we have to pick up the pace now.....thus is us picking up the pace

Can we get a play off before 10 seconds on the play clock.

Taking too long.

Why!!!! why short of the markers. Look at this team walking around.


They will run out the clock... this should be a tied game right now

Is Andy Reid now the head coach?

Why the heck did we go SO FREAKING SLOW and WHY DIDN'T WE GO FOR IT?

Was the ball not even upright on the tee?

I think Belicheat must have watched the Dallas game.

What a dumb inside attempt

Poor clock management. And that was the dumbest call ever.

Stupid decision to do an onside kick

Dumbest onside kick ever . Kick it in the end zone

Remember this team lost to the jets!

Only the Ravens can be this embarrassing on MNF


Already on the tom Brady train. I hate gruden

No Gronk, No Amendola and the Ravens STILL lose!! Unbelievable man!!! SMH!!!

So Pats use the old Harbs holding punt?! Nope. Shoved it down their throats. That's the difference in these teams.

Season's over. Sad.

Brady press conference: "Hogan changed his route, he saw what I saw".........Elam in coverage

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