Tom Brady shares life lessons with John Harbaugh and his daughter

Jim Rogash | Getty Images
On the field, they may be enemies, but off the field, Tom Brady and John Harbaugh have nothing but respect for each other.

As mentioned in a recent article by ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Brady shared life lessons about competiveness with Harbaugh and his daughter, Alison, on a private plane ride back in February.

The three were returning from Jim Harbaugh’s National Signing Day event at Michigan, when they were able to talk and hang out for a few hours. Shying away from anything about the two teams' history, they had a friendly discussion about competing and striving to be the best you can be at what you do.

According to Reiss, Brady noted that he’s never had that type of encounter with an opposing coach before.

“I had never really been around him. He’s a real professional. You could tell how much his job means to him. I enjoyed getting to know him a little bit, getting to know his daughter. It was nice,” said Brady.

Appreciative of his and his daughter’s time with Brady, Harbaugh mentioned, “It was good. A lot of respect for him, a lot of respect for what he’s accomplished, very tough to compete against. The best quarterback that’s played, certainly in this era, without question in my mind.”

Harbaugh and the Ravens head to Gillette Stadium for what will be a tough and hard-fought matchup with the Patriots tomorrow night on Monday Night Football.

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