Browns' Joe Thomas wants to see Roger Goodell give the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady

Getty Images

Should the New England Patriots win Super Bowl LI, it’s sure to be an awkward/rewarding/satisfying encounter on the podium between them and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

While the fans, players and Patriots organization wait to see if that happens, Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas will be just as excited for all of it to go down.

Thomas and Atlanta center Alex Mack are very good friends and were former teammates when Mack played for the Cleveland Browns. Thomas admits he’s not rooting for Mack because he would love the pleasure of seeing Goodell hand the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Brady.

Thomas has shown his support for Tom Brady throughout the whole Deflategate situation. He has said in the past that he would have liked to see Brady keep fighting and appealing, but realizes there were no good options left.

Thomas is still on Brady’s side and would like to see him complete the ultimate victory in the #revengetour.

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