Martellus Bennett foreshadows what could be final game with the Patriots

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When you think of the bright spots of the 2016-2017 Patriots season, Martellus Bennett has to be one of them not only for his career season, but also for his commentary on everything from bacon to sex.

Bennett has single-handedly made this one of my favorite Patriots teams ever, so when he talked about how Super Bowl LI could be his final game with the team, it upset me. 


“This was the first real week of thinking about it. Everything’s coming to an end, but it’s a glorious end to a movie,” he said. “The climax couldn’t be any better. You think about it, but that would make this week a little more special because it could be the last one with this group of guys, so just enjoy every single moment and think about what we’ve been through to get to where we are as a team and an organization is awesome.”

Bennett is a free agent after this season, and at 29 years old he still probably has one big contract in him. Whether that happens with the Patriots remains to be seen. However, he did say he'd sign under the franchise tag if the Patriots wanted to go that route.

“Sure,” Bennett replied. “All my dollars would be guaranteed.”

Bennett also said if the Patriots win this game, he would not go to the White House with the team. Can't see how anyone could blame him.

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