Dante Scarnecchia is coming back next year

Winslow Towson/USA Today Sports

Longtime offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia has confirmed he will be on the sideline next season, which is a huge relief to everyone.

Scarnecchia is one of, if not the biggest reason the offensive line completely turned around this season after being the butt of tons of jokes the previous two seasons under Dave DeGuglielmo. 


"Yeah, I'll definitely be coaching them next year if they want me to," Scarnecchia told Farrar at Monday's Super Bowl media night. "That's what our plans are. We'll see how it goes."

Yeah, Dante, you think they wouldn't want you back after all the crap they dealt with after you retired three seasons ago?

Scarnecchia will be 69 years old next week but says he feels healthy and wants to keep coaching this group.

"I mean, really good health," Scarnecchia said Monday, via CBS Boston. "We haven't even put anyone out there that before a game you say, 'I hope they can make it all the way through.' I mean, we've got some guys who have been out there and have really had good health, they've practiced every week. I mean, really, we haven't even had anybody miss any practices. And that's a tribute to [strength and conditioning coach] Moses Cabrera and the strength guys. They've done a great job. The players themselves have done a great job. So I think those have been the big things."

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