Martellus Bennett went nuts last night and it was awesome

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Martellus Bennett is easily one of the biggest character the Patriots have. Everything he does and says makes me laugh and I've developed a huge man crush on him as this season has gone on.

Last night was no different.

Right after the Patriots were presented with the Lamar Hunt Trophy, Bennett grabbed a set of pom poms and started dancing with the Patriots' cheerleaders.

He also trolled NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who compared him to Waldo.


“Who’s Roger?” Bennett responded to reporters.

After being told the subject was Goodell, Bennett weighed in with a great analogy.

“Yeah, where is he?” Bennett said. “He’s like Waldo right now. He doesn’t want to come here. We don’t know where he’s at.”

Super Bowl LI will mark Bennett's first trip to the big dance in his career. His brother Michael Bennett has played in it twice, losing once to the Patriots. Despite Michael having two appearances and one ring, that isn't going to stop Marty B from rubbing it in.


“Oh yeah,” Bennett said, “I’m about to FaceTime him and say, ‘Now I’m going to the Super Bowl, mother—–. Meet me in Houston!’ ”

“He’s in Hawaii right now, so I know he’s enjoying it,” Martellus said of Michael. “It’s still early there, so I still have time to call him and kind of rub it in his face and make sure he’s feeling OK when he’s on the beach right now and I’m getting ready to go to the Super Bowl.”

Bennett also did his friend Johnny Manziel a solid and hooked him up with tickets to the game last night. Manziel was decked out in Patriots gear, which was kind of weird to look at.

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