Ring Envy - What Steelers Fans Said - 1/22

My god, Steelers fans are so salty. Just like in October, they kept harping on how badly they wanted to see Tom Brady get hurt and spewed out a bunch of dumb cheating comments when they knew the game was out of reach just to make themselves feel better about getting destroyed. Funny enough, the game in October was closer with Landry Jones at quarterback for Pittsburgh, and I'm beginning to wonder if some Steelers fans felt the same way with the way they were ripping Ben Roethlisberger. Lots of hatred coming from these guys, which makes for an awesome Ring Envy.

I am damn ready for this one! I've been dreaming about a playoff game in New England for years now. Time to kick the smug out of their holier than though azzes!

I've waited for the Steelers to get a chance to revenge the Patriots for YEARS!

I really hope we wipe the smug off all of those Massholes' faces.

Can't see these cheats in the Superbowl anymore beat their arses!!!

Brace yourself for the Cheats love feast from the talking heads Steeler Nation!!!!

Oh my god, I am gonna puke! shut the F up about foxbro......foxboro......foxborogh, how ever you spell that cr as ppy towns name.

I told my wife I'd give my left nut to win this game, but she vetoed. If we lose, blame her!

That guy sucks!!! Hopeful Cheats suck aswell!!!

That's not the way you want to start

Well it's good to see that we studied that 2011 film...

Conceding 10 yards on the outside every play so far.

FG = win in my eyes

can we keep them from scoring 54 this time?

Now we need 7 piss on kickin fgs today

Brady looked like he had time to text a selfie to Gisele on that drive.

Need a score on this drive. Can't let the Pats get too far ahead

Ugh, just get the first down

Are you kidding me?!

coates looking sharp. gonna be a long game.

3rd and 1, throw the deep ball again???? GOD IM SICK OF THAT!!!

Damn it Sammy, have to catch that

Tomlin is an effing idiot. 1 yard and you toss the ball all the way down the field. STUPID IDIOT.

C'mon D, hit Brady for us!

Every time Coates blows it I get even more mad at Bryant.

It's a pity we don't a running back capable of getting a yard

Hargrave manhandled him!!

Marsha down! I love it!

Suck it

Way to fold him like a cheap suit. He LOVES getting hit....

Brady is such a wuss

Slow start for the Steelers so far.

They need to run Bell and williams all day long


Way to avoid pressure and find James. Can we give Ben credit for that?

Pats D are good

lol wow, just wow.

WTF is up with the offense?

Stupid throw

Ben stop being the hero and take the safe play please.

Where the hell is the holding call against New England? Antonio was held big time.

As has become the normal, the offense looks like trash except Bell

Nice effing punt into the end zone. Come on is this high school football

So much for keeping Brady off the field. Berry has made wonderful contributions to the cause as well...

Ben hasn't showed up yet. Come on rottenbooger.

i wonder if this is just a psychological issue with the team against the pats. like a mental block.

Our offense gonna have to do something or we are toast

I haven't seen the Patriots this fast paced in a long time...

Ben is scared and it pisses me off! This is our shot at payback and we're afraid!

Coaching owning us

Gonna pick us apart. Time to kill brady

Man it would be so much better if Alex Smith or Matt Moore played qb for the pats.

I can tell what the Patriots are going to do a mile away. Our defense of course never does.

They're out for blood and we look like scared 1st graders on the first day of school. Folks we're gonna get killed green bay style

You got to be kidding me! They're out coaching the crap out of them right now!

lol!! well if anything at this point maybe the steelers will give up by halftime so in can move on until the draft.

I honestly hope we get blown out. Clueless game planning as usual.

LMAO they are just toying with our Defense. They aren't even set in position half the time before he hikes it.

Seriously, how many times do we have to see this before WE F$^%$#ING LEARN?!?!?! Brady absolutely KILLS our zone. New decade, same damned story.

So much for our elite D lol

go **** yourself coates

Bell's hurt now as well....

Is bell hurt? Why is he coming out on plays? We wouldn't even take him out in a blow out against the dolphins but now he is getting spelled by williams.

All on Ben at this point and I have no faith in him at this point.

Bell going down sucks, but it's not a killer by any means. Might even be helpful in a strange way and force Ben to wake up.

We looking like greenbay

It's a good thing we ran bell into the ground late against Buf and Mia. Sure don't need him now!!

Sick of losing to these guys

Terrible spot




Whoo!!! Bad spot on the James catch and that sideline judge didn't want to call TD on that either!

OMG Boz!

Aww Boz

FFS Boswell!

Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes.


Bill Cowher is starting to resemble Bono.

Brutal zone coverage. Awful. What more do our idiot coaches need to see?

They need 10. We drop back 12.

Stop with the zone he picks them apart!!

Hogan is ripping us apart.

Wide. Freakin'. Open.

Why aren't they covering him!!!!

This zone D is horrid

Might want to cover Hogan. And be done with this crappy zone defense.

Getting tooled and they know they run that play all the time

Will somebody break Hogan`s legs please?

Damn. The fleaflicker is my fave play, too.

You got to be fing kidding me. Brady would have never lost a game in history if he could play us and are coaching staff every game. We can't stop them

Wtf is this defense doing? Davis was on the blitz then he just ****in stops and runs away smfh

Just face don't t. We won't beat New England until Brady is retired. Same **** every year

The Outlaw is on fire!


Hamilton dropped a good one.

Catch the ball....to the Pats!!

Damnit! You'v gotta catch that.

Jesus Christ. Two huge drops. Can't do that against these guys

Wow, I didn't expect a touchdown!

Ben has been spot on, with the exception of 1 throw

BOOM! Outlaw



That's not a td.

Better if it`s short.

Please let DWill rush it in there.

This is good. At the 1. Run 40 seconds off. Pointless to scoread 7 and give Brady 7 right back. Bet Belicheat uses timeout.

Can you telegraph a running play any more? Jeez.

We are so dumb.

I'm scared.


What the fuk r they doing


a foot and you don't let ben take it in. wtf is this team doing.

Unreal. And plenty of time for brady

tell us again about the great steelers OL

Thats a huge stop there.

Dumbest Steelers football team I have ever seen.

If we are going to lose this game someone knock the sh*t out Brady

Ugly 1st half. Coaching is killing us.

I really hate effing Tomlin. 1st and inches at the goal line and you don't QB sneak your big QB. Brady does that every single time in that situation.

What is the deal with always playing the Patriots scared. I'm so sick of it....

Damn, I'm as deflated as a Tom Brady football.

Imagine what Atlanta would do to this defense.

Would be nice not be trailing for once vs pats

Coates runs backwards on the catch....

NICE!!! Run backwards!

3 and out...well there goes that

Now we are screwed

This sucks

Rigged bull****

This crap is fake

Thanks goodell. Glad you could get ahold of the officials at halftime, so they could make some adjustments

Wow! They QB sneak on a 3rd and 1!

Gee, Brady runs a QB sneak, but we can't do it from the 6 inch line. Coaching folks.

What? What? What? The Patriots with a QB sneak on 3 and 1???? How imaginative......and SUCCESSFUL.

No way they call that a fumble. Save the challenge.

Of course brady catches the break. **** this league

We lost that challenge

Can't tell, lost timeout

What a stupid freaking challenge. There's not a damn thing there you can see

That's absolutely a turnover, but not enough to change it on replay

Wow, clear fumble and NE keeps it?????? WTF?????

Why don't we check the cheats video of it I'm sure they have better angles

!@#!##@#!#!'NNNNNN cover Hogan, please just once.

I have had it , just freaking hit brady late, early, high, and low! screw em!

The NFL is the WWE


Head referee now proud owner of a beautiful new yacht in he baston hahbah

Hit Brady. hit the receivers. If you're heading to their sideline, hit Bellicheck!

I don't care what it costs, when both a hole Brady and Bellicheat go in fall of fame, I am paying a plane to fly over with a banner with asterisks on it

It is obvious they are daring us to throw and we have the receivers to blow up that tactic.

Yeah this is just too much refs

3rd and long. Again.

I'm sorry folks, I just see a dumb team here.

Dirty MFer Chung holding JJ. This is getting ridiculous with the emphasis on d!ck

Everything going the cheatriots way today. Can't say I'm surprised. Be nice if the ****ing refs at least stayed neutral.

Not sure it is the refs, jus the Cheatriots thing, wear gloves the color of opposing teams jersey and cheat by holding

Take Brady out!!!!

So Gronk is in the 15 jersey, who knew

Just embarrassing

Sigh. Man, I hate the Pats.

Just break his ****in legs send in McCullers just to break his legs **** it

No, the difference is Cheatriots get proven 4th string guys from other teams who can catch, we get rookies who drop balls in big moments

This will happen until brady retires. This team just never fields the correct personnel and uses a game plan to stop him.

So, go Falcons?

Phil Simms has started the Pats lovefest.

Frak that fat d coordinator, hope he has a stroke when he is 40.

Screw it hurt someone!

Patriots, ISIS, just sayin....

Total bull****. I'm going to keep rooting for my team until the last second...rooting for them to hurt someone.

What does Brady do, exactly? He throws short passes to wide open receivers with absolutely no pressure on him. Where's the difficulty in that?

Hope Atlanta kills these idiots.

Wow finally a penalty against NE!

"Pittsburgh clearly recovered, and Brady clearly fumbled, cheatriots ball, first and 10"

Great play Hamilton. Dropped a TD and now a stupid route run.

That is what you get when you have to count on practice-squad guys at receiver.

Can't even get a ****ing pity TD. I don't know why I even bother anymore.

4th and goal, last chance hope and you throw to Hamilton? WTF? That's a very poor decision.

Ben also doesn't have a ****ing wizard calling plays on offense.

Great looking throw there.


Heyward-Bae, great route running there. Geezus.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! this team is just a bunch of pansy ass quitters. multiple times they have quit this year. so patchetic

Fat lady is warmed up.

I don't normally advocate violence but somebody clean Brady's clock right now. No chance they are losing. So why keep him in it. Somebody just kill him.

Go Falcons!!!


Cheaters always win!!! in the NFL!!!!

Ugh, I hate the Patriots

OMG I turn the channel to the Australian Open and they're slobbering all over the Patriots.......can't get away from this garbage watching tennis!

You know, I honestly didn't think the Steelers would win anyway. But it still pisses me off that it's New England in the Super Bowl. Again. I'm just so sick of the media lovefest with this team. Put them in any other division in the NFL and they aren't this dominate.

Yes, there success is perpetuated by their original cheAting. Successful cheating generated Home grown players wanting to stay for less money and all stars like Harrison, Seau and Bennett coming to them, for cheap to win rings. They may not be cheating at the high level they were back then, but it is still paying dividends for them now. F*ck them, now and forever. If that whole team was suddenly gone from the earth, along with their holier than thou fans, the world would be a better place.

Seriously, I will be taking donations in about 10 years for the plane with a banner over the hall of fame ceremony for Bells cheat and Marsha. "****CHEATRIOTS*****

Alot of holding from cheaters!!! That was their Superbowl!!! Falcons gonna beat them assholes!!!

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