Deion Sanders accuses the Colts of stealing signals

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If any Patriots fans take Deion Sanders seriously, then you're going to love this.

Sanders, the Hall of Fame cornerback turned talking head for the NFL Network accused the Indianapolis Colts of stealing signals during the Tony Dungy era after LaDainian Tomlinson, another idiot NFL Network analyst, said some people may still question the Patriots' success due to cheating allegations.

"Those same critics, did they say anything about the wins that the Indianapolis Colts had? You want to talk about that too? Because they were getting everybody’s signals," Sanders said on NFL Network after Super Bowl LI. "Come on, you don’t walk up to the line and look over here and the man on the sideline giving you the defense that they’ve stolen the plays of. We all knew. LT knew. Everybody in the NFL knew. We just didn’t let the fans know. That was real and that was happening in Indy."

Dungy responded to Sanders' comments yesterday and admitted to stealing signals.

"Deion, I’m sure on every scouting report that he ever got, the first thing that’s on there on the defensive scouting reports: Who is the live signal caller? Who signals the personnel groups in. And that’s what happened," Dungy said. "And you looked over there because you wanted to know as a defensive player: Is it going to be three wide receivers? Is it going to be two tight ends? Who’s in the game? There’s a person over there signaling and Deion Sanders and every other defensive player would look at the offensive sideline to get that signal. So that is football. And I’m not sure what Deion is referring to, really."

Dungy added: "That’s all part of the game, but doing it legally and [taping] illegally, that’s the difference. I hope Deion is not saying we did something illegally. Of course we got signals when we had an opportunity to do that. And so did Deion."

This will further add to many people's arguments about Spygate being ridiculous and not being as big of a deal as tons of others made it out to be.

But it also raises the question of what is considered cheating and what isn't? Technically, this is cheating, but how much is going to be made out of this? Did the Colts film the signals? Are they going to be investigated for this? Will they be reprimanded in some way?

Stealing signs, at least for a time, seemed to be commonplace in the NFL. Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson admitted to doing it while they were coaching, and now Dungy is the latest to come forward.

But because this isn't the Patriots, I doubt much of anything will come from this.

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