Ring Envy - What Falcons Fans Said - 2/5

The Patriots are Super Bowl champions again after completing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and beating the Altanta Falcons and their 27 fans! Unfortunately, because Falcons fans suck so much, there was no game-day threads for me to go off of. So this Ring Envy is going to be a little different - we're going to take comments from Falcons fans after the game and post them here. Enjoy! 


Totally Disappointed, was hoping you guys would win.

Bug hug to every Falcon bro out there.

This team didn't want to win. Congrats to the Pats.

No words for this feeling.

This team wanted to win but life happened. Life isn't fair and neither is football. These guys played their heart out and didn't get it done. Something I think that everyone at some point in their lives goes through. It's hurting like hell but we'll survive. We'll be back at some point and then we'll be ruthless enough to finish the game in a blowout.


I was drink, now im pretty sure i just jumped straight fo being hungover and sad.

This is the most Falcon's way ever to lose a game

idk what the heck kyle was thinking but just get him a private jet to SF from IAH

More disappointing than the Falcons loss, is how inactive the Falcons forum is on FF. And I thought the Giants forum was desolate.

The only reason Brady and Bill have another ring is because of the complete incompetence of the coaching staff. Brady and Bill should send them some money or at least a thank you card. The play calling on 3rd and 1 which led the the fumble and not running 3 straight times after the Julio catch will go down as some of the dumbest play calling in history imo.

I'm about to keep things 100. I don't think the falcons rebound from this in my lifetime. If they do, I will be amazed

kyle shanahan just replaced pete carol for dumbest play calling in super bowl. this game will forever haunt ATL fans. if it wasn't for pete carol & kyle shanahan having a brain fart brady/belichek would be 3-4 in superbowl instead 5-2 and cementing there legacy as best ever. F*%K TOM BRADY AND HIS MOM.

Easily the most difficult loss to swallow in my whole life as a fan. You just can't get away from the "2 runs and a field goal" thought pattern.

It's over for Georgia in sports. All over. Every team is going to tank after this and every coach on every team will be fired.

Twenty one point lead with the interception and then held them to some field goals which is very un Patriots like but we eventually still got outscored in the end. From mountain high to the valley low. Ouch. Guess I'll be ready for next season sometime tomorrow, ok maybe next week so as to absorb some of the pain.

I'm not speechless. I have words to say whenever i think about it. Mostly starts with F and ends in UCK. And it's not firetruck.

I'm still fm pisssed, fuc the news as well as any sports shows, I did listen to 680 online since it was just us.

It's insane to me that OT is decided by sudden death ... terrible rule ... coin flip decides the outcome

Forget the growth of the team, you've just reversed it completely after this game. There is no coming back from this at all.

Why in hell did we attempt a pass play (which resulted in a sack!) when all we needed was a short field goal to ice the game? I will never understand it ... ever ...

After getting their huge lead, Falcons played "Not to lose" rather than the "take it to them, let's win" that they had played before the 28 points scored. Getting out of field goal range by being stupid cost Atlanta the game. They simply beat themselves instead of Brady beating them. Too little time on the Falcon's offense. Defense wore out.....

Total fail. We shouldn't have run a pass play as you said, but MVP can't take a sack. You throw that thing at all cost. He has to be thinking about where he's going to dump it before the play even starts. Terrible all the way around.

I'm tired of hearing about the friggin Pats and Brady though. We handed this on a platter and they got some unbelievably lucky breaks in this one.


Fuck those sitting to piss motherfuckers!!!!

This is a reminder to stop acting like the champs until you win the game. I'm so freaking mad at yall for making us look stupid. All I read all week is F the Patsy and how we are the fucking best ever, even if we never won a fucking superbowl.

Personally I didn't think it was over - I felt good of course, but I felt like we needed at least one more score, even when it was 28-9, I just felt like we needed 30. Kinda like the how the last Saints game played out.

Hey sometimes the best way to get over stuff is to face it head on. I'm finally able to laugh at the memes.

I don't feel feelings anymore.

I was laughing at them the next morning. I stayed up and watch the Patriots celebrate and got it all out of my system. When Hightower hit Ryan and caused the fumble, I knew in my heart that was it for us.

Brutal, I watched family feud monday night coincidentally. . Couldn't turn on any news or sports. My wife was going WTF are you watching?

I've got a 12:45 tee time Saturday. Lots of bourbon, lots of beer....it's working so far.

I was eating leftover chips and queso from thw Super Bowl.....reliving Sunday night. I might never buy that stupid cheese again

porn makes everything allllll better

It was a great game for everyone that's not a Falcons fan.

We come back together, #InBrotherhood

Someone needs to host a clock management class for the coaching staff this off season. It seems so basic but it seems to be a problem for the Falcons.

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