Dont'a Hightower on free agency - 'looking forward to what's coming my way'

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It appears that Patriots linebacker Dont'a Hightower is expecting a big pay day in free agency.

Hightower will be an unrestricted free agent and is expected to test the market and says he's excited to see what his value is.

I’m sure it’ll be a journey. A rough and rocky one but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve had five good years and I’m looking forward to what’s coming my way.”

Hightower has been an instrumental piece to the Patriots' defense since coming into the NFL in 2012. He has almost literally saved two Super Bowl victories from going the other way, and (just my opinion) the Patriots should pay him whatever he wants.

Yes, he's injury-prone, but he makes an undeniable impact when he's on the field.

Rumors are Hightower is going to look for a deal that is north of $50 million. Given the Patriots have over $62 million in cap space to work with, they absolutely should be able to give Hightower what he wants.

But as of now, Hightower isn't worried about his upcoming payday. He's still on a Super Bowl high, and who could blame him?

“We’ll see,” he said. “We got a long time coming. We got a long process to go through. I’m sure Pat and Bill and Nick [Caserio] will be in touch whenever that time comes. I’m gonna soak up this Super Bowl 51, I ain’t had enough of that yet.”

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