Robert Kraft doesn't think players skipping White House visit is a big deal

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Since the Patriots won the Super Bowl a little more than a week ago, a number of players including Dont'a Hightower, Devin McCourty and Martellus Bennett have said they plan on skipping the impending visit to the White House.

Of course, these aren't exactly normal times we're living in, so this naturally received more media attention than it should.

Robert Kraft doesn't get it, nor does he mind that some of his players are opting not to go.

FOX Sports:

“Well, you know what’s interesting, this is our, I’m happy to say, fifth Super Bowl in the last 16 years,” Kraft said on the Today Show Monday. “And every time we’ve had the privilege of going to the White House, a dozen of our players don’t go. This is the first time it’s gotten any media attention.

“You know, some of the players have the privilege of going in college because they’re on national championship teams, others have family commitments. But this is America. We’re all free to do whatever’s best for us. We’re just privileged to be in a position to be going.”

Some of the big names like Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are all sure to be there, as they all have a friendship with President Donald Trump.

The fact that players are being criticized for deciding not to attend the event is absurd. But this is the world we live in now, I suppose.

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