James White doesn't remember what he did with the football at the end of Super Bowl LI, won't get MVP truck

Elise Amendola/AP

For James White, the final play of Super Bowl LI happened so fast that it's probably easy to forget a lot of things that happened during and shortly after the play.

Kinda like how he forgot what he did with the football he scored the game-winning touchdown with.

"I have no idea what happened to the ball," White said. "I have no idea. I dropped it at some point when I was running around, I don't know."

Can't really say I'd blame White for not remembering that, as it seems like such a minor detail in a story that not even Hollywood could script.

Many were also calling for White to win the game's MVP award, but that went to Tom Brady. As is usually the case, the Super Bowl MVP wins some kind of truck as part of the award, and Brady said he had every intention of giving it to White.

However, there won't be any truck this time around. An NFL spokesman said the league stopped giving out trucks after Super Bowl XLIX, which the Patriots won.

Brady won the MVP award for that game and gave the truck to Malcolm Butler, who apparently still drives it.

I wouldn't be shocked if Brady bought White some kind of car for his heroics on Sunday night.

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