Tom Brady texted Celtics' Isaiah Thomas, told him 'you're up next'

One of the best things about being a Boston sports fan is seeing the bond all four of the city's major pro sports teams share with one another.

Tom Brady and Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas have formed a strong bond themselves. The Celtics asked Brady to be a part of their recruiting team that tried to lure then-free agent Kevin Durant to Boston last summer, which is where he and Thomas met. 

Since then, the two have formed a close friendship, texting back and forth frequently. 

The King in the Fourth texted Brady after the Super Bowl and received a response from Brady that said "it's your turn next."

“He said it’s not over ’til it’s over,” Thomas said, via “He was just proud of his teammates. That’s what he texted back, that he was proud of his team and the city. Nobody gave up and they just kept fighting. And he was like, ‘It’s your turn next.’ So now he’s putting the pressure on us, but hopefully we can make something happen.”

While the Celtics probably aren't going to win a title this year, they're not too far away from getting to that point and Thomas has been incredible for them this year.

There's no doubt Brady's support means a lot to Boston's new superstar, and it would be really cool to see him at some Celtics games in the coming months.

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