Chuck Pagano gives analysis on Dwayne Allen’s abilities and what he can do for the Patriots

Paul Sancya | Associated Press

Former Indianapolis Colts tight end Dwayne Allen was traded to the New England Patriots earlier this offseason. And although it was a smart move financially for the Colts, head coach Chuck Pagano was sad to see him go.

When speaking with the media at Tuesday’s NFL coaches breakfast, Pagano had nothing but praise for the tight end.

“I think we lost a great player in Dwayne,” Pagano said, “He’s been a staple in our offense for the last five years. We came (to the Colts) together back in 2012. You’re getting a really good football player. You’re getting a great person. You’re getting a guy that is going to be excellent in that locker room. You’re getting a guy that will buy in, and he is going to do his job.”

Allen was signed to a four-year $29.4 million contract last year, but the Colts parted ways with the 27-year-old after paying $11.9 million in his first season of the deal. When Indianapolis resigned fellow Colts tight end Jack Doyle to a three-year, $19 million contract before the start of free agency, it was a clear indication that it was Allen’s time to move on.

“We hate to lose Dwayne, but it’s the National Football League. He understands that. We understand that,” Pagano said.

He later continued, “Dwayne is an excellent football player. I know he has a lot of great years left in him. We’re fortunate to have had him for the past five years. We wish him well, grateful for what he has done for the organization, but we feel good with the guys we have, and this draft is loaded with talent at that position.”

In 57 games with the Colts, Allen has 126 catches for 1,451 yards and 19 touchdowns.

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