19-year old fan plays key part in recovering Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys

Photo courtesy of WBZ-TV

Dylan Wagner is a 19-year-old memorabilia collector and fan of the New England Patriots.

He also happens to be one of the main reasons Tom Brady has his Super Bowl XLIX and Super Bowl LI jerseys back.

Wagner was able to play a key part in the investigation after the New England Patriots Super Bowl LI victory, when news of Brady’s stolen jersey had surfaced.

Wagner had sold Martin Mauricio Ortega a jersey on eBay last December, and the two of them had exchanged photos of their collections.

“Front and center was Tom Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX jersey,” Wagner said, “I asked him outright, ‘How did you get that?’ and he says, “I’ll tell you later.”

Dylan shared Ortega’s collection with his friend, Christopher Arone, who is a fellow memorabilia collector and also a Boston ATF Special Agent. And after Brady’s missing jersey made headlines this February, Arone got back in touch with Dylan.

Ortega’s collection was then turned over to the FBI, along with two of his addresses that Wagner had through their exchange. This information became a major part in the investigation that led to Brady getting his jerseys back.

“Arone said the video doesn’t prove anything,” Wagner said, referring to the surveillance video that showed Ortega in the Patriots locker room after the game, “Without the photos I sent him, they wouldn’t have been able to get a search warrant to go into Ortega’s basement and get the jerseys.”

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