Bill Polian: Patriots aren't as good as everyone thinks

Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports

Bill Polian said something stupid again.

The former NFL executive, who is somehow in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, responded to a caller who asked how the Bills would be able to compete with the Patriots in the AFC East by saying the Pats aren't as good as people think.


“Tom Brady was a quarter away from losing the Super Bowl last year pretty decisively,” Polian said. “They are a great team. They are not as great as people think they are. They’re not invincible. What they are is exceptionally well-constructed and exceptionally well-coached. But, Tom Brady isn’t going to play forever. He showed some signs of being human last year on a number of occasions, including in the Super Bowl.”

Polian's quote got somewhat taken out of context by some of the media, but it still isn't exactly the smartest thing to say about a team that completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history just a few months ago.

But with that said, almost anyone would disagree with the notion that the Patriots aren't as good as people think. They, at least on paper, are as good as people think they are. They might even be better than some think. They won the Super Bowl and somehow got better. How often does that happen?

Not only that, they are going to get Rob Gronkowski back, who was out for the Super Bowl. That's almost like acquiring him in an offseason transaction.

Case in point, if the Patriots stay healthy, they are going to be scary good. They might be invincible.

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