Does Roger Goodell think he's cool all of a sudden?

If Roger Goodell is trying to get back in the good graces of some of his star players, he's making it look really awkward.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown posted a video from his Snapchat with the commissioner, who apparently told him to "celebrate more."

Goodell reminds me of a kid in school who is trying way too hard to fit in. The patting of the shoulder, the weird thumbs up followed by weirdly patting Brown's shoulder...I don't know whether to laugh at this or throw up. And all he says is "let's do it." What the hell is he doing?

As we know, the league will be easing up on its strict rules regarding touchdown celebrations beginning next year. Snow angels and using a football as a prop are just a few things that are allowed now. But twerking is still frowned upon, which Brown has been fined for in the past.

I can't wait for an official to inexplicably flag someone for excessive celebration this year and hear their reasoning. It'll be almost as egregious as them not knowing what a catch is anymore.

Goodell also made headlines with Robert Kraft, who said their relationship was never strained because of Deflategate.

CBS Sports:

"Robert is very important to me personally ..." Goodell told The Jerusalem Post's Allon Sinai, via "My friendship with Robert was never strained. We both understand that we have jobs. ...

This has to be a PR stunt. There's no way this relationship is still the same, not after all the things Kraft has said since Deflategate started and especially not after Kraft threw shade at Goodell right after the Patriots won Super Bowl LI.

However, Goodell will attend the Patriots' season opener against the Chiefs on Sept. 7, so everyone will get the chance to let him have it.

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