Terrance Knighton says Bill Belichick once ripped him for complimenting a teammate

Nancy Lane | Boston Herald

Be careful what you say, whether it’s good or bad.

That’s a lesson that former New England Patriots player Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton learned during his short time with the team.

During an interview with PFT Live, Knighton revealed that head coach Bill Belichick once chewed him out for complimenting a player… yes, complimenting.

“One time, I did an interview and I gave a guy credit,” Pot Roast said, “I thought I was doing the right thing by digging up my teammate and saying he was going to have a great year.”

“We got in a team meeting and Belichick called me out, basically said to me, ‘You’re not an expert, you’re not a D-line expert, we don’t need you evaluating guys.’”

Instead of taking offense to his scolding, Knighton got a glimpse of just how intricate the way the Patriots handle the media is.

“You get coached up every day on how to talk to the media.”

He later continued, “There’s a certain way they do things and it works. It’s obvious by their success. Most of the guys that stick around there are all on the same page and they just have one way of doing things. They’ve been doing that since he’s been here.”

“Less is more” with the Patriots when it comes to the media, and that’s exactly how Belichick wants it.

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