Tamba Hali goes off the rails, calls Robert Kraft a "murder enabler"

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Tamba Hali went off on a stupid Twitter rant, and it's a special kind of stupid.

He complained about his playing time, which would've been fine if he didn't do it in a public forum and inexplicably defended the late Joe Paterno for his knowledge of the allegations against Jerry Sandusky at Penn State.

But what might be the most ridiculous take of them all was calling Robert Kraft a "murder enabler," which one can only assume he's referring to Aaron Hernandez.

Shortly after Hernandez was arrested, Kraft told reporters that he and the organization felt "duped" and that the Patriots would not employ someone who was at the center of heinous crimes like Hernandez was.

If that's to be believed (and I believe it based on the sincerity of Kraft's words), then this is a ridiculous claim and Hali should feel stupid for making it.

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