The "Tom Brady is going to decline this year" hot takes are back

Simon Bruty/

If I had a dollar for every time I heard "Tom Brady's going to start to decline this year" over the past four or so years, I'd probably have enough money to completely pay off my student loans.

But once again, those hot takes are back.

Per Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report:

Some assistant coaches believe time is the only thing that can beat Brady, and they expect him to dramatically age this season. They believe it will be highly noticeable. That isn't my view, but some people in the sport feel that way.

Despite Brady having the best touchdown-to-interception ratio of all time last year in just 12 games, engineering a 25-point comeback in Super Bowl LI just a few months ago and having a better offense on paper this year than he did last year, he's obviously still going to experience a steep decline this year.

Give me a damn break.

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