Tom Brady: 2017 is a new chapter

Tom Brady knows a thing or two about putting together winning football teams. He has been a key part of 5 Super Bowl winning teams since he was drafted in 2000, but when asked if he is ready to compare the 2017 team to past teams he simply said that it was "unfair to set those expectations". He knows the grind of making it to the Super Bowl and everything that needs to go right in order for that to happen. To flat out say that this team is as great as the team from last year who beat the Falcons or the team that set record after record in the 2007 season is something Brady just isn't ready to commit to.
Tom Brady (People)
Right now all he is focused on is getting better each day. He knows that the only way to reach your long term goals is to take care of the little things day by day. At the end of this season we could be talking about the 2017 Patriots as one of the best teams of all time, but on the other hand if they take things for granted you could be looking at a great team on paper who couldn't get it done on the field. Knowing Tom Brady the first option is more likely even if he won't say it right now. They just need to follow the ever so popular motto in New England, "Do your job!" and they could be holding up the Lombardi trophy for the second straight year. Check back tomorrow for more Patriots updates!

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