Jacoby Brissett turns in impressive performance in preseason finale, says game was “a lot of fun”

Matthew J. Lee | The Boston Globe

Do what you love. Love what you do.

That's exactly what New England Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett was doing Thursday night in the team’s preseason finale.

Despite the 40-38 loss to the New York Giants, Brissett said the game was “a lot of fun” – and his stats back it up.

The 24-year-old went 28-39 with 341 yards, four touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.

“It makes you feel like a kid again,” Brissett said of the game that included a total of 14 scoring drives. “It’s hard to explain the words. You know, you wish the results were different, but that was fun. That was a lot of fun.”

Fun was had and a big game was needed. Brissett was working through an up-and-down preseason, but ended it on a high note.

Big plays of the game included a 45-yard pass to David Lucien and a 14-play drive that ended with this impressive touchdown pass nearing the end of the third quarter.

“I think that was a great opportunity for all of us to go out there one last time in preseason and just make the most of our opportunity,” Brissett said. “A lot of the guys, we’re out there, we didn’t get a lot of the game action last game, so it was a good time to just go out there and make the most of our opportunity.”

Brissett may have pleaded his case just in time – as NFL teams must cut their roster down from 90 to 53 players by Saturday before 4pm ET. Although nothing is for certain just yet, the young quarterback has a lot of support on his side.

“That’s, I think, a tribute to the respect that each guy on the team has for his teammates and vice versa,” coach Bill Belichick said of the surrounding support within the Patriots’ locker room. “It’s not something you can legislate. It’s not something you can mandate. It’s just spontaneous and that’s the way it should be.”

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