Mike Gillislee wants to score every time he touches the ball

Mike Gillislee | AP

One of the few highlights from the New England Patriots’ Week 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was the performance of newcomer running back Mike Gillislee.

In his regular-season debut with his new team, Gillislee scored three touchdowns on 15 carries for a total of 45 yards. He even came in second in Top Fantasy Performances for the week (excluding QBs) with 22.5 points.

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Gillislee was acquired this offseason from the Buffalo Bills, and he’s looking to make the most of his newfound opportunities. The 26-year-old served as a backup in his previous years in the NFL, which he says is the reasoning behind his get-it-and-go, hungry attitude.

“Every running back is different, but for me, I try to score,” he said. “You know, opportunities in my career, I’ve barely gotten them. But now, every time I get the ball, I’m trying to score.”

Gillislee knows that he’s set high standards for himself, which is why he’s always looking for ways to improve. He wants to work on timing and adjustments, and chemistry between himself and his linemen.

“Just getting those reps, developing those reps, me gaining their trust,” he said, “I think it’s going to come.”

Even with a convincing start to his season, Gillislee knows that all good things come with time. He’ll get more opportunities to help the Patriots improve their ground game when the team takes on the New Orleans Saints this Sunday.

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