Observations and thoughts from yesterday: boooooooooring

If the NFL was hoping to start Week 1 off with a bang, mission failed. Awful quarterback play continues to run rampant (thanks, Andy Dalton, Scott Tolzein, Tom Savage, etc.) to the point where I considered flipping on Netflix midway through the early slate of games.

Here are some of my observations and thoughts from yesterday:

  • Andy Dalton continues to suck, and I don't know why the Bengals won't give A.J. McCarron a shot. Four picks against a division opponent in the Baltimore Ravens should be enough to bench him, but this a team that still has Marvin Lewis as its head coach. 
  • Why were the Eagles running Darren Sproles out of the backfield? Dude is 1,000 years old. Aside from that, Carson Wentz looked pretty good when he had time to throw. Kirk Cousins, not so much.
  • Bills-Jets...lol.
  • Are the Bears not as bad as I think they are or did they just have a good day against the Falcons? Atlanta only won by six points, but maybe they're not completely done cleaning up the shit in their pants from Super Bowl LI.
  • It blows my mind that Houston A.) got eviscerated by the Jaguars and that B.) they rolled out a less-than-average quarterback in Tom Savage when they had prized rookie Deshaun Watson sitting on the bench. Savage was benched for Watson and led the Texans to a scoring drive on his first drive. Houston should just stick with Watson the rest of the way and see what happens.
  • I realize teams want to give rookie quarterbacks time to learn the system and a team like Houston is aiming to go far this year, but to me, there's no better way to learn than playing in meaningful games. Houston has decent weapons on offense, so it should aid Watson in his development. 
  • T.J. Watt had a really impressive debut for the Steelers. If he can be anything close to what his brother J.J. is, Pittsburgh's got a good one. 
  • Raiders-Titans was a solid game from what I watched, but how about Tony Romo calling plays before they happen and being right? He's so much better than Phil Simms, who I hope never steps in a broadcast booth again.
  • Cardinals-Lions was another solid game until Detroit pulled away late. I wonder if Arizona will blame another Week 1 loss for their season going down the tubes again. David Johnson going down is also a massive blow.
  • The Rams putting up 46 points on the Colts just shows how abysmal Indy is. Chuck Pagano should be fired for letting Jared Goff, who's about as good a quarterback as Uncle Rico, piss all over his team. I turned that game back on late because I heard Jacoby Brissett went in, but even that wasn't enough for me to keep it on for more than five seconds before I got bored again.
  • Packers-Seahawks - boooooooooooooring. That's supposed to be a marquee match up, but I found myself falling asleep toward the end of the first half. 
  • Cowboys and Giants - same as Packers & Seahawks. New York looked awful across the board. Hopefully it stays that way. 
  • Can't wait to watch Trevor Siemian light it up tonight! 
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