Ring Envy - What Texans Fans Said - 9/24

Texans fans were looking for revenge from the playoffs last year, as well as Week 3, and they almost got it. There was so much hope heading into the final few minutes. But in the end, they had to watch as Tom Brady became the bully and shoved the Texans into a locker and broke their hearts again. The salt is very, very real, and it should be so enjoyable for Pats fans. 

Our game today will either be another crushing defeat by the Pats, or a close, ugly, hard fought game that could end in either a win or loss.

Well, two plays in a row Jj looked great and then the bomb.

What about hands to the face against JJ?

You know I was hoping we would at least hold them to a FG. Of course I've been hoping to win the lottery, too. Neither one happened. Let's watch BO get schooled today by BB, as always.

And you know the officials will not make calls in favor of our Texans. This is the Patriots, man, a team that has the pretty boy QB who can plead and plead and have the officials overturn a call. Hey, we got a call.

C'mon Dddddd make a stand. I know by the 3rd or 4th quarter you'll be winded, but right now try to keep it within reach.

Run, Pass, Scramble, Punt?

Also, another general question. Before BOB came here, the message board on game day would be in the 150+ pages, now we are lucky to get 50-60.

We will win a low scoring game.

Game isn't over but this is why I picked texans to win. The kid is special

Tom Brady does well connecting long passes against the Texans.

Pretty boy Brady, of course gets away with it. I swear all the officials have Man-crushes on him.

Dropped interceptions gonna catch up with Watson. He almost tossed a Schaub.

You just can't do that against the Pats. It WILL kill any chance you may have had.

A team like the Pats will take advantage of most mistakes you make. For a team to beat them, especially on their home turf, they have to play almost flawless. That one Int changed everything, and not just because of the eventual TD.

Holding, two freaking penalties in a row. How do you kill drives? Idiotic mistakes.

Nice playing by Watson. Redemption for sure.

Boom, exactly what we needed. ahahahahaha

JD Clowney. Heck yeah. That’s the way you play it.

Why can they ever guard the token white guy?

Chris Hogan anyone?

Seriously, where's the coverage? How do you deflate momentum, just like that. Man oh man.

Who the heck is covering Hogan?

Everytime one unit starts playing well another starts losing their mind. Seems to be the secondary today...

Dear Rick. See why we need an OL you goof.

Penalties are killing us. Get it together!

Our Texans are in this game. It's unbelievable how well they've played so far. Lets hope they play just a little bit better in the second half to get the win.

Why aren't we dropping 8 in coverage lol they really think drummond can match up with brandon cooks.. Sad

Holy cow, great pass

Even the patriots stands are empty. Sad to see football be a political platform. I really don’t like politics with my game I love so much.

Big mistake giving them the first down

Oh man was that close to being our ball.grrrr....

He was down. But, we're talking about the Prince of the NFL.

Give it to the Pats.............you always do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most exciting game I can remember ever watching from our Texans. Watson is the real deal.

The Pats always are given a pass by the REFS!

I am as pissed as BOB !

The nfl wants the patriots to win. No flag on the flowers hold and gronkoswki push off. **** I might stop watching football if we lose. They hate to see us winning

Something tells me that won't be the last score of the game.

Now, more than ever, we need a defensive stop. Captain Obvious.

Did we just stop them and will they go for it?

Covington! ROCK THE PATS

All you have to do is score here. Don’t do anything fancy, don’t fumble, don’t throw INT. Get us a score please. For goodness sakes. Stun America guys. Let’s go.

Reality of a Texans win is seeping in to the announcers.

Fouts sounds like a chick


Again, need defense to win game for us. I’ll take an Int here. Please, please. I want a great Monday. Please.

Texans need just one more lucky break here.

Tom Brady, is in his element now. Got plenty of time, down by 2, at home, been struggling to make game look close but he’ll get them back on track.

We will WIN

My freaking hands are sweating so bad right now and I’m puckered up. Hahah.

Ok, lets quit the bad ref thing can we?

Need to come away with at least a FG to force the Pats to have to go for the TD. A TD would be preferable here.

C'mon man. Pretty boy still has plenty of time.

We have got to stop the Patriots passing game! Come on D! Play smart!

Two plays, can we hold them two plays...

Apparently we cannot.

Can't let them convert when they throw in front of the sticks.

We had it ....................oh no!

Oh man why couldn't you hold it........oh man!!!!!

This loss will be the most painful.

What a joke, what a freaking joke

Our DB's are just pathetic

I just can't.....Wow.

Mother of all that's righteous in the world. Lose a game like this, just too much.

The Houston Falcons


I absolutely hate the Pats, I really do. Hate them with every ounce of my being.

Secondary lost this game. Secondary alone.

O Brien is a putz. I knew he would call a stupid running play on 3rd down. Moron!

The Texans ought to be embarrassed. The patriots own you. No emotional win here at all. I don’t care they were in it the whole game.

We all saw it coming, at least I did. You play the odds and on two plays we almost took it away. If any team deserved to be beat it would be the Pats. Hate them, I really do. I hate them even more than before. They represent all that I despise in the NFL. Seems like every year or every other year we have to endure them in the SB.

This is a painful and frustrating loss.

I know you mods love having Pat fans on here, but I will probably be banned if one shows up.

Last 2 plays alone just another example on why Texans are in a league of their own. Patriots didn't win. Houston choked. Again,

Also the refs were bias toward the patriots. Lets see flowers hold our ervin, they throw the flag and pick it back up. Griffen barley pushes and the pats defense flops, throws a flag. Same scenario, Brandon cooks pushes off 40 yards down the field and no flag. We have a practice team db's and vrabel doesn't drop 8 to double the sidelines like the patriots on our last 2 plays. Defensive coach is a joke. O'brien did his job and the secondary is garbage. Good game by our offense and deshaun watson. Definitely a playoff team

The refs did have some very funny calls in this game. It was obvious but that's the rigged NFL.

Wow what a classic way to lose a game. Thank you defense, mainly Moore for choking this game away.

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