Tom Brady still gets nervous for season openers

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After doing the same thing over and over again for 18 years, it'd be hard to blame Tom Brady if he didn't get nervous for games.

But in a rare showing of basic human emotion, Brady, who I've been long convinced is from some alternate Rick and Morty-based universe, said he still gets nervous for season openers.


“There will definitely be nerves and being anxious, but that’s part of football,” Brady said Monday after practice. “Once you get out there and get going, those things calm down.”

Brady went on to say that most players around the league get nervous for season-opening games just because it's the first game of a long season and it's always highly anticipated.

“It’s great that we’re here. I think all the players look forward to this weekend,” he said. “It’s a long offseason, it’s a lot of preparation, and it’s for this game. When the schedule comes out, this first game is the only one you’re really looking at in preparation. Everything is building for this week. It goes for both sides. I’m sure they’re looking forward to it too. I’m excited for this year and see if all the work we put in could amount to something. It’s going to be a fun week.”

The Patriots will open against the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow night at Gillette Stadium. It will be the second time the Patriots and Chiefs open a season at Gillette in Brady's career. Thankfully for Brady, he doesn't have to be nervous about Bernard Pollard being on the field this time.

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