Despite defensive woes, Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense are finding success in their vertical game


In a time of frustration in #PatriotsNation, regarding the indescribable lack of effort by the New England Patriots’ defense, we thought we’d take a look at something more positive while they figure their stuff out.

Before the Patriots' game against the Carolina Panthers yesterday, it was reported that Tom Brady is having incredible success in the vertical passing game in this early part of the season, and no one is even close to him at the moment.

Per ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Tom Brady is averaging more than 9 yards per pass attempt and more than 10 air yards per attempt. Air yards are the average length of throws past the line of scrimmage.

ESPN Stats & Information

*These stats reflect Weeks 1-3 only. They do not include the Carolina game.

When Reiss presented these stats to wide receiver, Chris Hogan, last week, he was not surprised. He accounted the deep passing successes for how much they focused on it in the offseason and over training camp.

“We have a lot of guys with speed,” Hogan said. “Brandin Cooks, obviously, being the No. 1 prospect coming in here. He’s a vertical threat, and guys have to respect that.”

He continued, “There are a lot of things that go into this. Tom is getting enough time to let us get down the field, we’re calling good plays and guys are getting open down the field. We’re taking advantage of those opportunities and making big plays. Those deep passes are game-changers.”

Here’s to hoping the offense keeps doing their thing, and the defense steps up… A LOT.

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