The tooth fairy probably won't be paying Chris Hogan any visits anytime soon

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

If Chris Hogan was hoping the tooth fairy was going to leave some money under his pillow, he's out of luck. Not that he really needs a couple extra bucks, though.

Hogan lost his two front teeth in a collision with Jacob Hollister last week in practice. Conveniently enough, there was a dentist on hand who was able to put temporary front teeth in immediately. 

He says he hates going to the dentist, but he's definitely thankful he was able to get work done right away.

"He was here, so it was nice. He kind of glued them in and then came back the next day and did a little [work]," Hogan said.

The Pats' wide receiver will reportedly get two permanent front teeth after Sunday's game against the Chargers. If one or both of the temporary teeth pop out during the game, that'd be pretty humorous.

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