Tom Brady reaches out to the now injured Aaron Rodgers

(Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)
When Brady made his weekly appearance on the Monday Kirk and Callahan show on EEI the subject of the most likely done for the year Aaron Rodgers came up. When Tom heard about the injury he said it sucks, and he sent Rodgers an email.

Tom talked a lot about trying not to land on your throwing shoulder (see Garoppolo, Jimmy) and how he does his best at being proactive in preventing injuries. Mostly, he lamented how much this happens across the league, and how miserable it was for him when he was on the shelf. "Seeing a lot of guys that happened to. J.J. Watt. Whitney Mercilus. So many players, guys on our own team, Julian [Edelman] obviously is going through it. I don't know what the prognosis is for [Rodgers], but it looked pretty major. It's tough, man. You never know which play. I missed 2008, and that was a real eye-opener [for me] because I went many seasons without being out of a game. I thought, 'This is the way it goes.' Then you finally miss a year and you're like, 'Oh my God, this is torture to sit there and watch.' "

You know it's awful for anyone as competitive as these guys to have to sit out and feel like they are letting their team down. Brady knows what it's like. But he's also the most competitive SOB out there. So barring another Goodell sneak attack (not unlikely) we aren't getting another TB12 email leak any time soon. Luckily for you lot, I've got a some Mr. Robot dark web shit going on over here and can access Tom's emails. For those interested, here is his message to Rodgers:

Dear Aaron,

What's up man? I heard about your collarbone. Tough break. (Get it?) Maybe you should stop rolling out of the pocket, trying to show off all the time. I mean, what do I know? I'm only the winningest quarterback of all time with 5 Super Bowl rings. I know you think it's valuable to be able to extend plays the way you do, but I got news for ya buster. The best ability is availability, and you're officially booked til 2018. Maybe if you spent less time filming State Farm commercials with that very good boy, and more time reading The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance (in stores now) you would be PLIABLE enough to sustain hits like that without ruining your team's season. Who am I going to face in the Bowl now?? You guys looked pretty good for a second there. I mean you weren't leading the league in passing yards or tuddies. I am. Duh. But you weren't half bad. Now who is going to win that division? The Vikings? The Lions?? Who am I supposed to be scared of, the fucking Eagles?? You think it's easy staying motivated in my 18th year? I need people telling me I'm not the best in the league anymore. I need someone trying to win MVP over me. Then you go and break your finger nail and call it a season. It's selfish of you is what it is. Might as well just hand me MVP and the Lombardi today and we can all start fresh next year. Maybe by then this National Anthem thing will be over. Anyway dude, rest up. Be well. You're always welcome at the TB12 clinic if you want to significantly reduce your recovery time post surgery. Who knows, maybe the Pack can string some wins together and we can get you back on the field by February so I can kick your teeth into your brain in SB52.


Tom Terrific of House Brady, Second of his Name, The Unpicked Until the 6th Round, King of the AFC and the First Team All Pro, Ruler of the Great Gillette Turf, Mover of Chains, and Father of Edelmans.

PS You got Jordy's cell?