Duron Harmon says Stephon Gilmore makes it easy for players to bond

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For all the crap that Stephon Gilmore took for his play earlier in the year (and rightfully so), his teammates love having him around.

Duron Harmon lauded Gilmore for his genuine personality, saying Gilmore makes it easy for the players to bond.


"The good thing is that Steph makes it easy for all of us to be close," he said. "He's a good guy. He's quiet, but he has a great heart, always around, always talking, whether it's not even about football. Asking about how my family is doing. So I think he's fitting in well. I think we're all close. I think we're also still learning each other, and this week will help us."

Often times, being on the road for an extended period of time can help a team grow closer, which definitely seems to be the case here according to Gilmore.

"I like it," he said of the team's week in Colorado Springs. "Being with the guys every day, we're staying in the same hotel, getting to know each other more. It's good."

Gilmore missed three games with a concussion, but his play had been trending up prior to missing time. He turned in a solid effort last Sunday against the Broncos and there's no reason to think he won't continue to improve as he becomes more familiar with the Patriots' defense system.

The former Buffalo Bill said earlier in the week that he is happy to be on a winning team. If he can continue to improve, the chances of New England winning each week go up exponentially.

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